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He Took His Skin Off For Me Film Release+

“The story of a man who takes his skin off for his girlfriend, and why...

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Kazha Imura – Pools of Sorrow+

Tokyo based illustrator, Kazha Imura, places her naked body at the center of each delicate...

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We Are All Human+

A campaign against racism by Ecuador-based digital compositor, David Vargas (COBA). We’re all the same...

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Ken Tackett’s Quirky Anatomy+

   Texas based illustrator, Ken Tackett takes what looks to be a quick energetic sketch/concept...

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Hedi Xandt’s Bodilisk II+

We’ve been following the stunning sculptures of Hedi Xandt since last year when we posted...

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City of Bueno Aires: Better By Bike+

The City of Buenos Aires advocates the benefits of biking through these simple anatomical designs....

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NYCHOS – Human Explosion+

Another explosive anatomical piece by my favorite street artist NYCHOS. Love those little flying kidneys....

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NastPlast’s Unraveling Heads+

NastPlas, a creative duo based in Madrid, created this series of unraveling heads, titled “SINAIS.”...

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The Black Keys Gig Poster+

The Black Keys go anatomical, featuring a heart in hand in a recent gig poster for...

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Laura Facci’s Human Anatomy Alphabet+

Caracas based designer and illustrator, Laura Facci, created this fun and detailed anatomical alphabet for a...

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Histology as Design, the Anatomy of Digestion Fine China Collection+

Clean lines and sharp detail on this new histology series represent the otherwise dirty job...

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Nunzio Paci – Arterial Roots+

Italian artist Nunzio Paci composes his paintings as if they were in a dissection atlas, adding scribbled...

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Vampires and Anatomy+

I know what you’re thinking, vampires drink blood, that’s not exactly related to anatomy. The...

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FFO Female Anatomical Art Nouveau+

Not much is known about the artist who goes by FFO Art other than he or...

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Simon Tourneboeuf – Arm Lamps, Clavicle Knives, and Beyond+

A longtime follower of Street Anatomy, French sculptor Simon Tourneboeuf recently shared his transformations of human...

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