We take anatomical art out of the online world and into the physical space through gallery shows talks and events, always creating experiences that delight your anatomical senses through art, music, food, performance and beyond.

If you would like to work with Street Anatomy to put on an anatomically themed gallery show or event, please contact Vanessa at vanessa[a]!


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MidwestUX – “What Healthcare Can Learn from Street Artists”
Speaker — MidwestUX — October 13, 2018 — Chicago 
Healthcare today is full of technology solutions aimed at engaging patients, but it’s ultimately starving for art. It hasn’t always been that way. Throughout the centuries artists have played a pivotal role in engaging the general public in the knowledge and awe of the human body. This talk takes us on a visual journey of how artists are reinvigorating anatomical imagery outside of the confines of the medical world and creating a potential to create meaningful engagement via healthcare technology.


71st Annual Association of Medical Illustrators Conference – “The Colliding Worlds of Medical Illustration and Anatomical Art”
Speaker — AMI Conference — July 20 – 23, 2016 — Atlanta
Anatomical art curator Vanessa Ruiz shares how medical illustration, both past and present, inspires contemporary artists to break anatomy out of the confines of the medical world and thrust it into the public space.

MedTech – “Inside the Mind of Medical Artists”
Speaker — National Museum of Health and Medicine — January 28th, 2016 — Chicago


Vanessa Ruiz at TEDMED 2015TEDMED 2015 – “The Spellbinding Art of Human Anatomy”
Speaker — November 20th, 2015 — Palm Springs, CA
Vanessa Ruiz takes us on an illustrated journey of human anatomical art over the centuries, sharing captivating images that bring this visual science — and the contemporary artists inspired by it — to life. “Anatomical art has the power to reach far beyond the pages of a medical textbook,” she says, “connecting our innermost selves with our bodies through art.”


Morbid Anatomy Talk – “Street Anatomy – A night of art, anatomy, and pop culture”
Speaker — Morbid Anatomy Museum — July 25th, 2014 – Brooklyn
Vanessa Ruiz founded the blog Street Anatomy at a time when there was no online presence for medical illustration/art. Over the last seven years, the website it has grown by merging and celebrating the worlds of anatomy, art and pop culture. Join Morbid Anatomy Museum Artist and Anatomist in Residence Emily Evans and Street Anatomy founder Vanessa Ruiz for an illustrated discussion which will range from the current state of anatomical art and its expanding community to the ways in which fostering relationships with artists helps connect and strengthen this niche subject.

StreetWise X Street Anatomy – C.O.O.L Party
Guest Curator — 1st Ward Events at Chop Shop — June 7, 2014 — Chicago


Bone and Blood: Structural Bodies in Motion
Vendor — Squid3 Gallery — September 28–October 12, 2013 — Chicago

FACE OFF: Skull-A-Day vs Street Anatomy
Co-curator — International Museum of Surgical Science — May 31–December 31, 2013 — Chicago

SXSW – “Presenting Complex Information with Simplicity”
Co-Panelist — SXSW — March 11, 2013 — Austin
Complex stories and information can often be difficult to explain. Presented poorly, they can come across as too dense or intimidating to understand. And that can leave you and your audience frustrated.
Join our panelists as they explore various digital and artistic approaches to simplifying complex data and subject matter while still conveying that information in an engaging way. Using examples from the healthcare and medical industry, they will demonstrate how technology, dynamic visuals and interaction design can take complicated information and present it in a dynamic and understandable manner. They will also discuss how design style and artistic vision can transform a topic as intimidating as anatomy and physiology into an approachable conversation with a fresh understanding of the topic.
This panel will help you rethink how you visualize your complex information and inspire you to consider new ways to tell your story.

DISSECTING ART, INTERSECTING ANATOMY: merging contemporary art with the works of Pauline LariviereCo-curator — S3 Gallery — March 9–16, 2013 — Chicago

Eat Your Heart Out Anatomical Heart Valentine’s Day Pop Up Shop
Vendor — February 7 – 10, 2013 — London


OBJECTIFY THIS: female anatomy dissected and displayed
Curator — Design Cloud Gallery — September 2012 – Chicago

LOCKED UP: demystifying the marginalized among us through art, science, and community
Guest Curator — High Concept Laboratories — November 17, 2012 — Chicago


Queerhealth: redefining healthy relationships among LGBT in the arts, sciences, and community
Guest Curator — High Concept Laboratories — November 12, 2011 — Chicago


Street Anatomy Group Gallery ShowCurator — International Museum of Surgical Science — September 3–December 31, 2010 — Chicago

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  1. I loved your TEDTALK and was so excited to see so many kindred spirits. I would love to share my art with your shows and site.

  2. Thanks for the video, my fiancee and I setletd down to watch it together and we both enjoyed it very much. If you could desrcibe the process you’re using during the video (what types of layer/blending mode you’re using, what sort of bruch you’re using etc) that would make the video much more interesting. Love your style, am defintiely gonna be checking back in on this blog soon!

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