Heart Anatomy Tattoo
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I personally don’t have any tattoos. I just haven’t found that one piece of art that I can live with for the rest of my life. I do appreciate them however. So I decided to look for people who were passionate enough about anatomy to actually have a piece tattooed on themselves. Here are some of the interesting specimens I found. Enjoy!

It would have been nice to have had the brachial plexus tattooed on my body for those difficult anatomy exams. Or my arm musculature…

Anatomy Tattoo

Anatomy Tattoo
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Brain Tattoo

Anatomy Tattoo

Hand Anatomy Tattoo

Anatomy Tattoo

Hand Anatomy Tattoo

Anatomical heart tattoo
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Heart Anatomy Tattoo, submitted by Sean

Beautifully done hand anatomy tattoo
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Anatomical heart tattoo submitted by Jeremy
[submitted by Jeremy]

Heart Tattoo submitted by Suzanne
[submitted by Suzanne]

Vein tattoo submitted by Curtis
[Vein tattoo submitted by Curtis]

Is there anyone else out there willing to share their anatomy or science related tattoo?? Submit your own under the Contact Me page and I’ll add it to the gallery! So keep checking back for more tattoos.

Some pictures above from ModBlog. Visit their site for more incredible tattoos.