Michiko Maruyama Cardiac Tamponade

Cardiac Tamponade

Michiko Maruyama Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer

Michiko Maruyama hyperkalemia


Michiko Maruyama GI Layers

GI Layers

Michiko Maruyama scleroderma


Michiko Maruyama Plueral Effusions

Plueral Effusions

michiko maruyama gastric secretions transforming

Michiko Maruyama stacks of doodles

Michiko Maruyama is a medical student who turned studying into and artistic exercise.

“At the end of each day, I sit and I think about everything that I had learned from morning till night and I transform it into a Daily Doodle. By combining studying and drawing, each doodle acts as a learning tool and a creative exercise.”

I have a feeling that Michiko and i Heart Guts should get together for the ultimate in anatomical cuteness.

View all of Michiko’s Daily Medial Doodles and explanations of each medical term at artoflearning.ca!


[spotted by Cyndi R.]