Cancer Society of Finland Tobacco Body

Cancer Society of Finland Tobacco Body

Cancer Society of Finland Tobacco Body

The Cancer Society of Finland created nicely done interactive PSA that visualizes the effects of tobacco on the human body. Choose between a male or female and see that body split down the middle—the right side is that of a non-smoker, the left side is that of a smoker.

Move the middle slider to the right and explore the negative effects of tobacco on everything from the blood vessels, to lungs, and even arm hair. Ladies, did you know that female smokers have more arm hair? According to the site, “Hairs are more likely to grow on the woman’s arm, because tobacco increases her male hormone levels.” Men, don’t think you’re unaffected, smoking leads to erectile problems.

Go on and explore, I guarantee you’ll be saying “ew” quite a few times.


Advertiser: Cancer Society of Finland
Agency: 358, Helsinki, Finland

Additional credits:
Creative Director: Erkki Izarra
Art Directors: Maria Friedman, Ville Kovanen
Copywriters: Valtteri Väkevä, Jonathan Mander, Anna Lundqvist
Graphic Designer: Pol Sosona Producers: Krista Durchman, Peggy Petrell
Photographer: Kimmo Syväri
Production company: !noob

Source: Ads of The World