Dan Zettwoch Green Recliner self portrait
Self-Portrait in Green Recliner  Ink, Acrylic & Colored Pencil on Masonite, 32″ x 48″

Dan Zettwoch Green Recliner self portrait

Dan Zettwoch brainworms self portrait
Self-Portrait in Flannel Shirt – Weird drawing made with white-out and a fluorescent-pink paint pen.

Anatomically fun work by comic book illustrator Dan Zettwoch. The top painting was done for a show called Congestive Art Failure (great title) at the Evermore Gallery in St. Louis, which also happens to be a tattoo and piercing shop. The show focused on medical illustration so Dan decided to focus on the gross anatomy of the things found under his recliner, such as:

  • Loose change
  • Bottlecaps
  • Fritos (whole & partially smashed by the mechanical guts of the chair)
  • Pink (skim) milk-cap rings hidden by my cats
  • Dust

Definitely check out more of Dan’s pop comic art at danzettwoch.com!