My Heart by David Foox

I’ve been meaning to post this awesome concept from my friend David Foox for a while now!  It’s his latest work that he’s truly put himself into…

For that very special someone, artist David Foox has created a work of art that is limited to a very small number of pieces. His own heart painted using heavy duty acrylic (hand mixed from powder to liquid paint by the artist himself), on top of an X-Ray of his own chest. The number of pieces are directly related to the amount of radiation he is able to withstand in a year and all done for this year’s Valentine’s Day. “I hope I don’t get sick and need any more X-Rays, cause according to my doctor I am not allowed any more radiation!”, says FOOX in talking about this Valentine’s Day special series of Hearts.

Each piece comes framed in a backlit box and exudes a very spooky and personal quality about it. “Imagine having your very own heart painted on top of an X-Ray of your body,” continues FOOX in talking about his work.

These pieces are limited to only 8 and each is hand painted and unique. If you are interested in giving one of these to your true love, too late, they are already sold out. But with a price tag of $3000 per Heart, they nothing to sneeze (or cough) at.

You can view more of FOOX’s work at his website ( )

PS: FOOX reports that as soon as he is able to withstand more radiation, he will do a 4th of July series of 8 back X-Rays with the spine painted. “America needs a little back bone right about now,” says FOOX.