Glass Works by Esque

Glass Company Esque has some pretty talented employees.  The Heart Vase we’ve seen before on Street Anatomy is amazing, but these above are just as striking.  The Eye and Skull can be purchased here. So cool! [via CoolHunting]

Steam Punk Heart

This steam punk heart is the shirt of the day over at!  It’s only 10 bux!  Get it today and today only, then it shall never be seen again. [spotted by Andrew]

Anatomic Fashion Friday: Runway Skulls

Oh. My. Goodness. This is so rad, I have no clue where it’s from, but if anyone does, please share! We would love to see more from this collection and know the designer!!!! [via ffffound]

Foot Bones

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an anatomical tattoo, so here’s a fresh foot tat sent to us by Gretchen. I wanted to get my first tattoo for my 30th birthday this year. I knew I wanted it placed… Read More »Foot Bones

Smoke This….

A revamped peace pipe? Well, these beauties are certainly no calumet, and the price isn’t too peaceful either. If your wallet is thick enough, you can have your choice of three unique anatomical pipes… to use as uniquely as you… Read More »Smoke This….

WWF: Lungs

“Before it’s too late” A powerful ad from the World Wildlife Foundation reminding us of the costs of deforestation. The ad was done by the French advertising agency TBWA/Paris.

Feed Your Brain

A whole new way to eat your spaghetti, although this brain bowl screams Silence of the Lambs to me… and now I’ve lost my appetite.

Egypt Skulls

My recent travels to Egypt were nothing less than wonderful!  While wandering through a spice market in Aswan, I came across this spray-painted skull on some sort of fuse box and had to capture it.  It totally looks more like… Read More »Egypt Skulls

Skull Light

Add some charm to your home with this skull light from Mixko!  Ruiz should have this no doubt.

Anatomical Couture

Katie Eary, a 25-year old British designer, created this anatomically themed piece for her Spring 2010 collection.  Love the leggings and want the glasses for early morning meetings. [via My Duty was Always to Beauty and the Animal Talk]