The Anatomy of CG TOKI

Upon visiting the Bodies Exhibition, New York based CGI artist and Digital Illustrator, Joon Lee had a revelatory experience.  “All the intricate details of nervous and circulatory systems, mysterious organic shapes of muscles & organs, surprisingly vulnerable and fragile looking bones.  I witnessed the unfathomable beauty that couldn’t be explained with… Read More »The Anatomy of CG TOKI

Gross Anatomy Sushi

Inspired by the intense hunger caused during dissection in the anatomy lab, medical student Sean Mutchnick drew these cross-sections of a forearm represented as pieces of sushi. I have to say the idea is wonderful and I can definitely relate to the feeling. I remember feeling strange for visualizing what type… Read More »Gross Anatomy Sushi

Daniel Brokstad’s Medic Type

Daniel Brokstad Medic Type (4)

Norwegian graphic designer/illustrator, Daniel Brokstad created this fantastic medical illustrative type set that he says is “playful and fun for an otherwise serious setting.” It certainly is! Each letterform is so creative, well thought out, and can easily stand on their own. Daniel is a talented young designer who is… Read More »Daniel Brokstad’s Medic Type

Rei Quinto – Black, White, & Blood

Rei Quinto Black, White, and Blood Anatomical Drawings (4)

Influenced by graffiti, street art, mangas and cordel (Brazilian black and white zines illustrated with woodcuts), artist Rei Quinto shows us his fun interpretive take on anatomy. I love the style and his interesting cuts. View more of Rei Quinto’s work at!

Hedi Xandt’s Dark Emotions

Hedi Xandt God of the Grove

“I could stare into the face of a skull for hours, for example, and always see new things.” – Hedi Xandt I admire the range of work by Hamburg-based communication designer and conceptual artist Hedi Xandt. His combination of design, concept, and execution is extremely impressive and gives his work… Read More »Hedi Xandt’s Dark Emotions

Synthetic Organ Armor

Viaframe heart armor

Wanting to visually represent the idea of protection through medical treatment and preventative measures, Nuremberg based creative studio Viaframe created this series of organs encased in beautiful white synthetic armor.