Have You Seen This Heart?

Historical Anatomical Heart

The chances are that your answer to that question is yes. If you look at as many anatomical inspired works of art and products as I do, then that answer is yes, hundreds of times. With the use of anatomical imagery in the creative industries having bourgeoned over the last… Read More »Have You Seen This Heart?

Kaitlin Beckett’s Curious Bestiary

Kaitlin Beckett Heart Murmur

Melbourne-based artist Kaitlin Beckett creates chimerical creatures who often harness anatomical, medical and musical elements. Kaitlin uses a variety of media for her art, enriching each piece with layers of detail and texture. You just know each curious beast holds a story. View Kaitlin’s entire portfolio at a-curious-bestiary.com and follow her work on… Read More »Kaitlin Beckett’s Curious Bestiary

We Travel the Body in Red and Blue

Visceral Paola Rojas David Perez

Bogotá-based photographer Paola Rojas and illustrator David Pérez collaborated on this stunning project titled Visceral. In their combined forces we see the body-centric photography of Paola overlaid with the detailed anatomical drawings of David. Their pieces reflect the most ubiquitous color scheme in anatomical illustration for the arteries and veins. But here, the blue represents… Read More »We Travel the Body in Red and Blue

Anatomy in Black by Emily Evans

Anatomy in Black by Emily Evans available at the Street Anatomy Store

“Anatomy in Black bridges the gap between academic text and pop culture.” – Emily Evans We often think of anatomy textbooks as belonging in the cadaver lab or lecture hall. Or worse, abandoned on a library shelf long after they’ve served their educational purpose. Even for an artist, anatomy books might lie scattered around… Read More »Anatomy in Black by Emily Evans

Choclatomy by Asma Javeri 

asma javeri choclatomy faith

Just when I thought I’ve seen every type of mashup of anatomy with something, I stumble upon Choclatomy. That’s right, anatomical illustrations paired with delicious morsels of chocolate! Created by Pakistan based artist Asma Javeri at a time when she was torn between studying medicine or art (maybe she didn’t hear about medical… Read More »Choclatomy by Asma Javeri 

The Elegance of Muscle

Giselle Vitali musculo

There’s something so beautiful about muscle fibers. But we’re used to seeing them in their classic muscle architecture—fusiform, parallel, bipennate, etc. What happens when we break muscles out of their usual anatomical shapes? Take a bicep, stretch it out and twist it. Take the sartorius and wrap it up like a cord. Given her… Read More »The Elegance of Muscle