Josh LN – Anatomy of Flight

Josh LN is an illustrator and graphic designer whose geekery has translated into some beautifully nerdy posters depicting the insides of famous air crafts. You can check out (and purchase) more ships and his other stunning pieces on his Society6 page. He has some other anatomically and geek inspired prints.… Read More »Josh LN – Anatomy of Flight

The Fleshlettes

Jonathan Payne Fleshlette Tonya

“This is Tonya, she’s the matriarch of the Fleshlette family.”   “This is Toni. She smells. None of the other girls pick her to be on their team. She can type 90 wpm.”   “She is named Eileen (for obvious reasons).”   “Here is Richanda, the 6th fleshlette. She is… Read More »The Fleshlettes

Teresa Duck’s Visceral Botanicals

Dwell 2012 Teresa Duck

Anatomically themed oil paintings by British painter, Teresa Duck melding together visceral, botanical, and physical objects into almost abstract amalgamations. Teresa says that, Through arrangements of (an amalgamation of/ a melding of) anatomical elements, abstract forms and inanimate objects, Teresa explores the relationship between these subjects and our emotional experience of… Read More »Teresa Duck’s Visceral Botanicals

Trent Norman

Trent Norman Human Organs oil painting

Oil painter, sculptor, and first year medical student Trent Norman has a passion for oils and anatomical art.  Like many of us anatomical artists, Trent started at the University of Texas at Austin as a pre-Med and then added a studio art degree as he couldn’t leave his passion for art behind.… Read More »Trent Norman

Michael Reedy – EXPULSION Opening Friday, December 14, 2012 in Chicago

Michael Reedy Every Last One

For those of you that attended our OBJECTIFY THIS exhibition, you may remember the incredibly stunning work of artist and professor Michael Reedy. His masterful figure drawings exposing their underlying layers of anatomy surrounded with whimsical flare made him a favorite among gallery viewers. This is your chance to see more… Read More »Michael Reedy – EXPULSION Opening Friday, December 14, 2012 in Chicago

Juan Gatti – Ciencias Naturales

Juan Gatti Ciencias Naturales anatomy collages (3)

These beautifully composed anatomical collages were created by Argentinean designer and fashion photographer, Juan Gatti. The collection of collages, titled De Ciencias Naturales, uses classic anatomical illustrations surrounded by beautifully layered flora and fauna. This series encompasses some of his lesser known work—Juan is more known for his photography and collaborations with… Read More »Juan Gatti – Ciencias Naturales

Giselle Vitali – Musculante

Musculante Giselle Vitali hand

We’ve posted the beautiful work of Barcelona-based illustrator, Giselle Vitali before on Street Anatomy. Her expressive take on medical illustration caught my eye and I’ve continued to follow this girl’s awesome work. Her latest series, titled Musculante, shows her incorporating anatomy into the web icons we’ve become so used to seeing, such… Read More »Giselle Vitali – Musculante