Kate Lacour’s Monsterous Anatomy

Kate Lacour Hyperskull detail

Comic artist Kate (Allen) Lacour created these symmetrical anatomical diagrams, rendered in pen and ink and painted in food coloring. This series comes as a side project to her popular comics, one of which, called Milk Teeth, features anatomical diagrams and wordless vignettes of mythical creatures. Her comics and anatomical renderings have… Read More »Kate Lacour’s Monsterous Anatomy

Arno Roca is Plastic Outside and Plastic Inside

Arno Roca Human Waste series

French art director and photographer Arno Roca created this anatomical model inspired piece in his series titled Human Waste.  A statement about being fake on the outside/fake on the inside? Reminds me of the fabulous photography of Koen Hauser.

This Pillow May Talk Back

Heather Lins Science Pillow Uncommon Goods (2)

If there was ever an anatomical pillow I’d let hang out on my couch, it would be this one by designer Heather Lins. Handmade using eco-friendly fabrics that pop off of the soft black wool felt, this pillow evokes the anatomical illustrations found in 1960s science books. The science behind… Read More »This Pillow May Talk Back

The Anatomy of Cavity Sam

Jason Freeny Operation game anatomy

Jason Freeny does it again with his latest toy dissection of one of the most nostalgic medical games of our childhood, Operation. In production since 1965, Operation tests a players’ steady hand as they attempt to pick out iconic ailments and anatomical parts without buzzing and setting off Cavity Sam’s… Read More »The Anatomy of Cavity Sam

Vodka With a Backbone

Johannes Schulz Spine Vodka (2)

Hamburg-based designer Johannes Schulz wanted to create a strong and trustworthy vodka with backbone—literally with backbone. The wide shouldered vodka bottle stands with a full spine and rib cage suspended in the clear glass bottle, a sign that the vodka has nothing to hide. Of course this is only a… Read More »Vodka With a Backbone

Federico Carbajal’s Anatomical Architectural Drawings

Federico Carbajal Anatomical Drawing Foot

You may recognize Federico Carbajal from his series of gorgeous anatomical wire “sketches.” Suspended between acrylic panels, the bent wire creates remarkable 3D anatomical parts. More recently Federico created a series of anatomical drawing reminiscent of architectural sketches, another nod to his background as an architect. These multi-layered drawings on wood… Read More »Federico Carbajal’s Anatomical Architectural Drawings

Historical Medical Text Transformed into Anatomical Art by Dr. Stephen Gaeta

Airway print by Dr Stephen Gaeta available at the Street Anatomy Store

San Francisco based physician-scientist and designer, Dr. Stephen Gaeta has just released a new typography lung print titled, Airway, in his series of popular science typography prints. Sold exclusively at the Street Anatomy Gallery Store, Airway features text from the 1628 treatise Exercitatio Anatomica de Motu Cordis et Sanguinis in Animalibus (An Anatomical… Read More »Historical Medical Text Transformed into Anatomical Art by Dr. Stephen Gaeta

The Skeletons of Aryz

Aryz skeleton City Leaks

Spanish street artist, Aryz latest murals continue to feature intimate scenes infused with skeletal elements. He’s a young vibrant artist that prefers to call himself a “painter of walls” rather than a street artist. For Aryz, it’s not about the message, but the composition and colors that unifies the whole… Read More »The Skeletons of Aryz

Sensually Surreal Anatomy by Alfonso Elola

Alfonso Elola Anatomica Phases II detail

These dreamlike anatomical illustrations were created by Madrid based illustrator, Alfonso Elola. They’re gripping and tormenting, visualizing an almost literal out-of-body experience. The light, detail, and strokes are just gorgeous. View more of his work and details from the illustrations above on his Behance!