Love and Air

Above are well-designed anatomical typography posters by Mattias Sjöberg. These would make a nice little V-day present or addition to your own art collection!  See his description below… The inspiration for these posters came from the expression “to be beautiful on the inside.’ And if you think about it, we… Read More »Love and Air


Some fun type exploration all hand drawn by Alan Wells. I love the C!

Anatomical Alphabet

Pattraporn Lavunjaruskul anatomy alphabet

A Street Anatomy fan by the nickname Faii, recently submitted this anatomical interpretation of the alphabet.  I love that the letter ‘D’ is the spleen, it’s my favorite little organ!

Anatomy: Type

This campaign was used to promote Anatomy: Type, an event that was held at the Type Directors Club in New York City — an international organization for people devoted to excellence in typography, both in print and on screen. The works use synonyms to play on the names of letter… Read More »Anatomy: Type

Go Font Ur Self!

Here’s a fun typographic poster for Go Font Ur Self showcase of typographic art in Australia. This reads “Ain’t the way it’s supposed to be”.  Check out more of the artist, Michele Angelo’s work right here! [via Behance]

Typefaces by Ross Elliott

These great type skulls were the work of designer Ross Elliott and “made entirely from unaltered characters of Fette Fraktur”. I imagine they took a while to produce, the symmetry alone would drive me crazy (although I secretly love making things perfect with alignment in illustrator, ha). Major props for… Read More »Typefaces by Ross Elliott

Typographical X-Rays

Katerina Orlikova Anatomy of Typography frog

Katerina Orlikova takes the Baskerville typeface and expertly crafts into animal skeletons.  I love that you don’t really get a sense that the bones are really typographical elements until you start looking closely at the details.  And the slight blur effect placed on these images gives it that authentic ghostly… Read More »Typographical X-Rays


Awesome design with Arabic lettering reading “Human”, a short explanation by artist Islam Zayed: An experiment with the Arabic letter forms, wanted to make something with lots of contrast between the strokes. The word reads “human” and the spelling is not entirely correct, the “hamza” (a diacritic added underneath the… Read More »Human


Love, love, love this simple anatomical design by Indonesia-based designer Dini Umar.  The colors in the heart are just great and the random flies in the piece make this a strangely curious design. [via Behance]    

What’s Your Bodytype?

The human body says a lot…. ‘Body as a Letter Form’ by Amandine Alessandra plays on the idea that most typographic vocabulary is reflective of human anatomy (footers, head piece, etc), as is the case with the structure of a book (spine, joints, back, foot). Clever work Miss Alessandra.

Who dat font der

Energetic sketchy font found by Mike over at dafont.  All of their fonts are free and they usually have some unique stuff.  Go check ’em out.    

“A”natomy by Ahmet Eken

Ahmet Eken A Anatomy

I love this rendering of the anatomy of the letter “a”. Created by Ahmet Eken for the leading graphic design magazine in Turkey, Grafik Tsarim. From TypeTheory: “Rather than illustrate the anatomy of typography in the standard way, Baris (art director) collaborated with artist Ahmet Eken to produce a lowercase… Read More »“A”natomy by Ahmet Eken

Don’t Judge People…

Peter Chmela – “Don’t judge people according to their appearance.” This is a brilliant photographic project filmed by Peter Chmela. If you look carefully, you can see that each photo spells out a word of the title phrase. [via FabrikProject]