Human Anatomy Alphabet by Laura Facci – Exclusive Print Release

Human Anatomy Alphabet by Laura Facci available at the Street Anatomy Store

Caracas based illustrator, Laura Facci, challenged herself to create an alphabet using anatomical terminology. The result is a beautiful anatomical alphabet with artistic flare. Each letter, drawn in stunning detail, features quirky additions that make you want to explore each one. She released the print exclusively for Street Anatomy! 23.375 in… Read More »Human Anatomy Alphabet by Laura Facci – Exclusive Print Release

Daniel Brokstad’s Medic Type

Daniel Brokstad Medic Type (4)

Norwegian graphic designer/illustrator, Daniel Brokstad created this fantastic medical illustrative type set that he says is “playful and fun for an otherwise serious setting.” It certainly is! Each letterform is so creative, well thought out, and can easily stand on their own. Daniel is a talented young designer who is… Read More »Daniel Brokstad’s Medic Type

Historical Medical Text Transformed into Anatomical Art by Dr. Stephen Gaeta

Airway print by Dr Stephen Gaeta available at the Street Anatomy Store

San Francisco based physician-scientist and designer, Dr. Stephen Gaeta has just released a new typography lung print titled, Airway, in his series of popular science typography prints. Sold exclusively at the Street Anatomy Gallery Store, Airway features text from the 1628 treatise Exercitatio Anatomica de Motu Cordis et Sanguinis in Animalibus (An Anatomical… Read More »Historical Medical Text Transformed into Anatomical Art by Dr. Stephen Gaeta

Andreas Scheiger’s Evolution of Type 22-26

Andreas Scheiger Evolution Type 23 C

We’ve featured the Typographical Dissections and Evolution of Type work by Vienna based designer, Andreas Scheiger, before on Street Anatomy. So I was excited to see Andreas’ latest Evolution of Type where he actually sculpts fossil letters, excavates them, and puts them on display museum style.  It’s a faux-archeological look at typography with each letter… Read More »Andreas Scheiger’s Evolution of Type 22-26

Constructing Words From Bones

Teagan White Bone Type You're Already Dead

Freelance designer and illustrator Teagan White first came to our attention because A, she created an amazing anatomically-themed typography print,  The Person You Love Is 72.8% Water and B, she’s from Chicago. Teagan’s work “encompasses intricate renderings of flora and fauna, playful depictions of cute anthropomorphic critters, illustrative typography, and everything in… Read More »Constructing Words From Bones

Nathan Pana

Touching by Nathan Pana (5)

Click to view larger Freelance digital designer, Nathan Pana, created this piece above from old medical illustration diagrams of the arteries and veins.  It’s a bit difficult to see, but if you look closely enough you’ll see the words “Connected” and “Changing” coming through the network of arteries. Nathan says,… Read More »Nathan Pana

Björn Johansson’s Garamond Corpus

Garamond Corpus Bjorn Johansson (5)

Stockholm-based graphic designer/illustrator/typographer extrodinaire, Björn Johansson, has recently unveiled his latest anatomical typography project, Garamond Corpus.  What began as an exploration into the literal nature of typeface anatomy, has turned into a truly cohesive anatomical deconstruction of typography.  What I appreciate about Björn is his attention to detail and the cleanliness… Read More »Björn Johansson’s Garamond Corpus

Love Your Heart by Jessica Hische

Jessica Hische love your heart

These beautifully rendered anatomical type illustrations were done by the extremely talented Jessica Hische for an article about women’s heart health. With numerous wonderful projects under her belt, her portfolio is sure to be inspiring to anyone who loves type and/or does type design. In her own words: I think people generally love language,… Read More »Love Your Heart by Jessica Hische

Skeleton Typogram

Aaron Keuhn Skeleton Typogram

Aaron Keuhn is a typographical manipulator who’s latest piece takes on the human skeleton in an easily digestible format. From Keuhn, Exo… Endo… Typo! Your life, your organism, your soft tissues but a puddle on the ground, if not for the ancient segmental structure of the Vertebrates. The original hard core… Read More »Skeleton Typogram

Six Word Stories Every Day

Six Word Stories Everyday

So, while fiddling around on twitter today I stumbled upon this awesome little project called Six Word Stories Every Day, and was pleasantly surprised to find a handful of them with anatomical illustrations. This is exactly what it sounds like; stories, in 6 words, coupled with beautiful designs to represent each. A… Read More »Six Word Stories Every Day

Typography and Classic Medicine Prints by Stephen Gaeta

Beat Poetry Stephen Gaeta Street Anatomy Store

[UPDATED: SOLD OUT] These masterfully rendered typographical medical prints were the creation of designer, doctor and future cardiologist, Stephen Gaeta.  Stephen originated the popular diploma heart posted back in March 2011—so popular that the surge in traffic almost crashed Street Anatomy! We’ve had the honor to team up with Stephen… Read More »Typography and Classic Medicine Prints by Stephen Gaeta