Tattooed Teeth

Tattoos on your teeth! This detailed artwork is done in Utah by ToothArtist. There are many more examples on their site and details on how you can get your own tooth tattoos! It can be a little pricey, but tattoos are permanent and a good tattoo is worth the price.… Read More »Tattooed Teeth

Anatomia del corpo humano

Skeleton arm tattoo

A viewer recently submitted this incredible arm tattoo on one of her students at City College of San Francisco. Looks like it’s based on Juan Valverde de Amusco’s Anatomia del corpo humano, which was most likely originally drawn by Gaspar Becerra (1520?-1568?), a contemporary of Michelangelo. See more anatomy tattoos… Read More »Anatomia del corpo humano

Foot Bones

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an anatomical tattoo, so here’s a fresh foot tat sent to us by Gretchen. I wanted to get my first tattoo for my 30th birthday this year. I knew I wanted it placed somewhere on my body that I could see it, and… Read More »Foot Bones

Skeletal Back Tattoo

Been seeing more and more of these skeletal back tattoos lately.  This tattoo would be great with a pair of red kidneys hiding just under the 11th pair of ribs there. [submitted by Brian]    

Back Cut Out

This fantastic tattoo represents a nice chunk of skin removed to reveal the anatomy below.  I like how the fat is depicted in the skin layer, reminds me of anatomy lab. [Submitted by Ryan Daily]    

This Valentine’s Day…

After surgery, Dr. Valentin Vikunjevski will give you a Polaroid and a romantic video of the surgical tattoo procedure to give to your special someone, because it’s not exactly the type of tattoo you can easily show off. This is just a fake advertising campaign for the band Vikunja. The… Read More »This Valentine’s Day…

Nomadical Boards

There seems to be quite a trend right now of putting anatomical art on skateboards and snowboards and I love it.  But I have never seen any boards quite as beautiful as these made by Robyn Roth.  Her portfolio site, Nomadical, is full of gorgeous paintings that often contain an… Read More »Nomadical Boards

Anatomical UV Tattoos

In normal light. In both lights. All black light. This is awesome! It’s like having x-ray vision, and for sure the craziest thing I’ve seen in a while! See more here. Black light tattoos use a UV-reactive tattoo ink that can be seen under a black light but are invisible… Read More »Anatomical UV Tattoos

Spine of Thorns Tattoo

Gorgeous spine tattoo photographed by multidisciplinary artist Stéphane Lallemand. [spotted by the wonderful Heather]

Fresh Anatomy Tattoos

Submitted by Kevin, who tries to record significant life events with art.  He planned this heart tattoo while in the ICU recovering from surgery. This is 4 months post surgery, a septal myectomy to deal with (HCM) hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.   Muscle arm tattoo submitted by Dillon. I asked Dillon why… Read More »Fresh Anatomy Tattoos

Full-Arm Muscle Tattoo

stinus wolf arm tattoo

Stinus Wolf just sent me pics of his incredible full arm musculature tattoo done by Louise Rimpler in Copenhagen, Denmark. Thanks for submitting Stinus!

Fresh Anatomical Ink

Jason Headrick sent me this photo of his new heart tattoo. He tells me that he actually got the inspiration to do an anatomical heart from the anatomy tattoo pictures off of Street Anatomy! Skeleton sketch submitted by Katie Gould. Love the drop shadow and sketchy lines; brings a lot… Read More »Fresh Anatomical Ink

Fresh Anatomy Ink

Anatomical heart tattoo submitted by Suren. Here’s the fun story behind his tattoo— “It started as joke with a friend in class, we said we should get regular heart tattoos with blank ribbons on it so we can put whoever’s name we wanted in it. So as I thought about it… Read More »Fresh Anatomy Ink