Skeletal Back Tattoo

Been seeing more and more of these skeletal back tattoos lately.  This tattoo would be great with a pair of red kidneys hiding just under the 11th pair of ribs there. [submitted by Brian]    

Back Cut Out

This fantastic tattoo represents a nice chunk of skin removed to reveal the anatomy below.  I like how the fat is depicted in the skin layer, reminds me of anatomy lab. [Submitted by Ryan Daily]    

Spine of Thorns Tattoo

Gorgeous spine tattoo photographed by multidisciplinary artist Stéphane Lallemand. [spotted by the wonderful Heather]

Fresh Anatomy Tattoos

Submitted by Kevin, who tries to record significant life events with art.  He planned this heart tattoo while in the ICU recovering from surgery. This is 4 months post surgery, a septal myectomy to deal with (HCM) hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.  … Read More »Fresh Anatomy Tattoos

Fresh Anatomical Ink

Jason Headrick sent me this photo of his new heart tattoo. He tells me that he actually got the inspiration to do an anatomical heart from the anatomy tattoo pictures off of Street Anatomy! Skeleton sketch submitted by Katie Gould.… Read More »Fresh Anatomical Ink

Follow your Heart

When someone submits a tattoo for the Anatomy Tattoo Gallery I usually ask them for a brief explanation of the tattoo. It’s one think to just look at a tattoo and admire the art, but it’s knowing the meaning of… Read More »Follow your Heart

Glen Preece

Glen Preece tattoo design by Silverback Ink

Gorgeous work by UK based artist Glen Preece. Glen uses pencils or oil dry brush to create photo realistic drawings. Generally specializing in portraiture, Glen also dips into the macabre as seen above.  He does take tattoo design commissions and… Read More »Glen Preece

The Autopsy Scar Tattoo

Jeffrey Silverthorne inspired tattoo on Richard Sawdonsmith

A friend of Street Anatomy’s since our gallery show in 2010, British photographer Richard Sawdonsmith has been working to expand his anatomical tattoos.  This has entailed extending the arteries and veins stemming from his heart tattoo on the front of… Read More »The Autopsy Scar Tattoo