Glen Preece

Glen Preece tattoo design by Silverback Ink

Gorgeous work by UK based artist Glen Preece. Glen uses pencils or oil dry brush to create photo realistic drawings. Generally specializing in portraiture, Glen also dips into the macabre as seen above.  He does take tattoo design commissions and… Read More »Glen Preece

The Autopsy Scar Tattoo

Jeffrey Silverthorne inspired tattoo on Richard Sawdonsmith

A friend of Street Anatomy’s since our gallery show in 2010, British photographer Richard Sawdonsmith has been working to expand his anatomical tattoos.  This has entailed extending the arteries and veins stemming from his heart tattoo on the front of… Read More »The Autopsy Scar Tattoo

Never Forget the Past

Steven Fowler heart tattoo

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an anatomy tattoo.  Thankfully Steven Fowler was kind enough to share his with us.  Done by James Buie at Inksmit and Rogers in Jacksonville, the anatomical heart tattoo is a momento of Steven’s… Read More »Never Forget the Past

Sylvia Ji Tattoo

Sylvia Yi tattoo

Spotted this gorgeous tattoo on Chicago-based artist, Cassie Phillips, at an art show/launch party last week.  I noticed the Sylvia Ji on her arm from across the room as she painted a huge canvas during the event. How fantastic to… Read More »Sylvia Ji Tattoo

Deltoid Zipper

David Arguello deltoid zipper tattoo

David Arguello submitted his sweet tattoo exposing his deltoid.  Love the texture of the muscle, makes you want to touch it.  Tattoo done by Yomico Moreno in Caracas, Venezuela.