Street Art

P. Insect

Paul Insect might just be my favorite artist of the week, even year. This talented graffiti artist has a plethora of amazing anatomical work, only a fraction of which I’ve posted here. Hailing from the UK, he studied graphic design at Hastings and Salisbury art colleges and is responsible for heading the London design collective… Read More »P. Insect

The Street Anatomy of Sam3

Sam3 skeleton

Sam3 is a talented installation and mural artist. Born in Elche, Spain, he currently lives and works in Madrid, although much of his work can be seen all over Europe. Here are a few of his more anatomical pieces. For more of his work you can check out his portfolio site, or his blog.  … Read More »The Street Anatomy of Sam3

Breathing Nature

screaming skellis by Ryan Gerdes

Fresh work from Ryan Gerdes, a talented graphic designer and street artist studying at Linfield College in Oregon.  These large pieces were recently on display in the student gallery at Linfield.

Animal Street Anatomy

A true street anatomist, ROA displays the anatomy of rats, pigs, birds and other animals around the streets of Europe through his unique street art. [spotted by Jenny via Fresh Pics]    

Kissing Skeletons

Been meaning to put up this romantic street art for a while now. Thanks to Marije for submitting this piece! Head over to the Anatomical Street Art Gallery for more.    

Fresh off the streets

The best part about having this blog is receiving e-mails everyday from my readers with their photos of anatomically themed graffiti, tattoos, or art. Many of the e-mails I receive lately come from Europe or South America, like the first two photos of the skulls below from Brazil. Street Anatomy… Read More »Fresh off the streets

Origin of Street Anatomy

anatomical heart on wall

Ever wondered why I named my blog Street Anatomy? I’ve always been a huge fan of street art. And I’m not talking about the graffiti-style-scribble-your-name-on-the-brick-wall type of street art. I enjoy the street art that makes a statement in an aesthetically pleasing way. One of the most famous street artists… Read More »Origin of Street Anatomy