Street Art

Egypt Skulls

My recent travels to Egypt were nothing less than wonderful!  While wandering through a spice market in Aswan, I came across this spray-painted skull on some sort of fuse box and had to capture it.  It totally looks more like art to me than a determent.  If you have the… Read More »Egypt Skulls

Dan Baldwin & Hush

Ahhh some amazing street art by amazing artists Dan Baldwin and Hush.  Dan uses a ton of anatomy in his work, and is inspired by life, nature, war, death and basically everything around him.  Hush’s style uses Anime combined with pop art along with a generous amount of color.  This… Read More »Dan Baldwin & Hush

ROA’s Bunny Lesson

Roa London

ROA—a street artist known for his animals and their anatomy—hits the streets of London with his revealing rabbit.  I just love how he utilized that surface to see the full rabbit from one angle, and it’s anatomy from another. Street art at it’s best. [via Unurth]    

Tiptoe Through My Heart

Tiptoe got arrested while putting this beautiful piece up in Barcelona.  Read his account of it here. As one of my favorite street artists, Tiptoe‘s work always amazes me in the amount of detail he can accomplish through his heavy linework.  It’s work that you can appreciate from afar and… Read More »Tiptoe Through My Heart

I <3 SF

Spotted this on the way to dinner. I love this city! Anyone know who did it? Give a holler.    

Another SF Special!

Another awesome street find! Whoever is tagging up SF with the rad anatomical art should be my new best friend. (Also, on a side note, someone tagged a few huge sets of racks on a fence alongside the 580 in Berkley with something along the lines of “i like nipples”… Read More »Another SF Special!

Losing Faith

Losing Faith |  mixed media on canvas  |  46 x 34 inches Very cool piece by Dave Kinsey, thanks to Nazir for the link! A bit from his bio page: Dave Kinsey was born in Pittsburgh in 1971 and attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and the Art Institute of Atlanta before moving to… Read More »Losing Faith

Ryan Gerdes – Acceptance

These are a few shots of a recent show, called Acceptance, featuring the work of graphic design student and up and coming street artist, Ryan Gerdes.  The show took place in the studio gallery at Linfield College and featured all of Ryan’s morbidly themed stencil art.  His stencils are shocking… Read More »Ryan Gerdes – Acceptance

Anatomical Stencils

skeletonandkey Spine Stencil Cutout detail

Human Spine Detail: Lumbar vertebrae Skeleton torso Gorgeous human anatomy stencils by flickr user skeletonandkey. See all the details and the precision in her work, she really has a very good pulse! Inspired by victorian design, medical illustration, anatomy, dear friends & loves, the idea/existence/lack of time, steampunk aesthetics, simplistic… Read More »Anatomical Stencils

Anatomical Glass Stencils

Cucusita glass heart

1 glass stencil: Heart 3 glasses stencil: Skeleton Flickr user cucusita combined the art of stencil with glass… And what he obtained as a result was a pretty cool and attractive little piece of art, isn’t it? I want to have one in a frame on my desk. [via flickr]… Read More »Anatomical Glass Stencils

Spotted on the Streets of Melbourne

Melbourne’s got some unique anatomy on its streets!  I love the skull and woman’s shoe dangling in front of the black house.  So random, so great—I can’t help but wonder what else lives inside. [Spotted by John—see more incredible photography on his Flickr site]    

Street Party of Stencil Art

CANS Festival heart

Superb anatomical street art seen at the CANS Festival, a “street party of stencil art” that took place in London last May. I only wish I could have these on my walls at home.