Street Art

BUFFdiss street art

BUFFdiss is quite the master when it comes to creating art out of masking tape.  The skull above was done in Berlin with a really cool style that screams BUFFdiss.  Check out his process in this video. [via unurth]

MEDO Street Art

Sorriso Torto MEDO

The work of Brazillian street artist, MEDO, has recently shifted from dark, often geometrical human-like figures to the anatomically correct abstraction.  The subject of his work comprises “cathedrals, monasteries, sacred art and the horror of the inevitable.” His almost sacred… Read More »MEDO Street Art

Dan Baldwin & Hush

Ahhh some amazing street art by amazing artists Dan Baldwin and Hush.  Dan uses a ton of anatomy in his work, and is inspired by life, nature, war, death and basically everything around him.  Hush’s style uses Anime combined with… Read More »Dan Baldwin & Hush

I <3 SF

Spotted this on the way to dinner. I love this city! Anyone know who did it? Give a holler.    

Anatomical Stencils

skeletonandkey Spine Stencil Cutout detail

Human Spine Detail: Lumbar vertebrae Skeleton torso Gorgeous human anatomy stencils by flickr user skeletonandkey. See all the details and the precision in her work, she really has a very good pulse! Inspired by victorian design, medical illustration, anatomy, dear… Read More »Anatomical Stencils