Street Art

Cherry Skulls by Ludo

Ludo skulls in Paris

Fabulous cherry skulls recently spotted in Paris street artist Ludo.   [via Unurth (one of my favorite street art blogs)]  

Czas Pozari Nas by LUMP

Czas Pozary Nas LUMP Galeria Urban Forms Lodz Poland

Czas Pozary Nas (Time eats us) Huge anatomical heart mural by Polish street artist Lump.  Created for the Galeria Urban Forms in Lodz, Poland which took place August 23 – September 30, 2012.  5 huge murals were created by top street artists from all over the world, such as Os Gêmeos.  The… Read More »Czas Pozari Nas by LUMP

Street Anatomy Sticker Packs

"Street Anatomy sticker packs created by Rx available at the Street Anatomy store for $3

[UPDATE: SOLD OUT] Created exclusively for the opening night of our OBJECTIFY THIS: Female Anatomy Dissected and Displayed exhibition in Chicago. These stellar sticker packs are hand cut and include: 3 Street Anatomy branded vinyl stickers 1 Rx Skull vinyl sticker 1 OBJECTIFY THIS Promo card featuring the art of Fernando Vicente… Read More »Street Anatomy Sticker Packs

CYRCLE. We Never Die

CYRCLE We Never Die mural Culver City (1)

Photos by Carlos Gonzales THIS is what I always imagined “street anatomy” to be—giant anatomical figures on buildings.  Street art collective CYRCLE. made up of a trio of artists with backgrounds in fine art, graffiti, and design, created this incredible mural in the Culver City Arts District, California in 2011.… Read More »CYRCLE. We Never Die

Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold Hanbury street London

Heart of Gold spotted on Hanbury Street in London.  Thanks to Mr. Four Fingers for helping me spot a bit of street anatomy!

Amor es Amor

aunque la gente sienta odio amor es amor heart street art

“Aunque la gente sienta odio, amor es amor,” translates to “Even though people feel hate, love is love.” Found this via Tumblr and of course there’s no mention of the artist in the endless trail of reblogging.  So I’m turning to you guys!  Does anyone know the artist who created… Read More »Amor es Amor

Nychos – Rabbit Eye Movement

Nychos Rabbit Eye Movement Splaterface detail

[iframe src=”″ width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen] Austrian street artist, graffiti artist, and illustrator Nychos is known for his comic style and those fantastic exploding heads/bodies/animals exposing all the anatomical tidbits beneath.  His style actually reminds me of something out of MAD Magazine. View more of Nychos’ work on… Read More »Nychos – Rabbit Eye Movement

Cuidado by NACO

Cuidado Pilsen Chicago street art by NACO

Photo by Vanessa Ruiz Noticed this anatomical heart pasteup by street artist NACO while driving through the artsy Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago.  He’s also been putting up Ninja Turtle pasteups around the city, which is awesome.  

Home is Where the Heart Is

Home is Where the Heart Is Fauna Graphic and Rocket01

Anatomical heart with birds, spotted in our Anatomical Street Art Flickr Group, a collab between UK street artists Fauna Graphic and Rocket01.  Beautiful street art.  

SHOK-1’s Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre SHOK-1 Meeting of Styles at The Studio Holloway in London

Photo by Urban Escapades Photo by Urban Escapades Inspired by the artistic genre of late-medieval allegory that unites every human being by the simple fact that we will all die, London-based street artist SHOK-1 created his own lively interpretation wanting to “turn it more into a celebration of life, hence… Read More »SHOK-1’s Danse Macabre

Jeff with the Rest by Cake

Cake Jeff with the Rest

Jeff with the Rest acrylic and gold leaf on wood panel. 24″ x 24″ One of my favorite pieces from the beautiful New York based street artist, Cake. View all of Cake’s latest and greatest work via her Flickr.