The Zygomatic Frying Pan

Subodh Gupta Skull

We’ve seen skulls made out of Legos, diamonds, and even fur—now we’ve got cookware. This giant skull, constructed entirely out of everyday pots and pans is the creative vision of Subodh Gupta.  Gupta is well known for working with stainless steal kitchenware to create symbols that reflect the urban globalization… Read More »The Zygomatic Frying Pan


This life size dental mannequin is actually used by dental students for teaching and practicing. It’s a bit intense—kinda like Robocop. [via Radio Guy, whose site is full of random medical devices.]    

Bright Minds Make Good Lamps

Alexander Lervick Brain Lamp

Anatomy meets interior design with this lamp designed by Alexander Lervick. A replica of the designer’s brain, originated from an MR scan at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. The image was processed through a 3D-printer, and became this unusual lamp shade design. Yes, it is bright. MYBrain is represented at the… Read More »Bright Minds Make Good Lamps

Goldherz and Think Tank

It may sound like the title of some new wave band, but Goldherz and Think Tank are two new pieces in the human interior series created by Austrian ceramicist, Renate Hattinger. The heart and the brain aren’t just pretty paperweights, they’re actual ceramic containers. Renate says that “this perhaps allows… Read More »Goldherz and Think Tank