Elliott Mariess – Waste

Elliott Mariess Waste skeleton made out of plastic cutlery

Who knew such craftsmanship could exist with plastic cutlery! UK artist, Elliot Mariess, created this skeleton entirely out of the plastic forks and knives we so easily throw out every day. The award winning sculpture came out of a group project on waste by Elliott Mariess, Lewis Woolner, Ashley Maine, Laura… Read More »Elliott Mariess – Waste

The Fleshlettes

Jonathan Payne Fleshlette Tonya

“This is Tonya, she’s the matriarch of the Fleshlette family.”   “This is Toni. She smells. None of the other girls pick her to be on their team. She can type 90 wpm.”   “She is named Eileen (for obvious reasons).”   “Here is Richanda, the 6th fleshlette. She is… Read More »The Fleshlettes

Skull Brain by Emilio Garcia

Emilio Garcia skull brain

Barcelona-based artist, Emilio Garcia of lapolab just released a sneak peek at his latest creation, the Skull Brain.  You may know Emilio for his now famous and prolific Jumping Brains series. Available in almost any color imaginable these whimsical brains have received worldwide coverage, appearances in gallery shows (including our 2010 Street Anatomy show),… Read More »Skull Brain by Emilio Garcia

Yoan Capote

Racional Yoan Capote 2004

I stumbled upon the top male torso sculpture with brain genitalia , fittingly titled Racional (Rational), on Facebook and just had to find out who created this masterpiece.  Our lovely fans on Facebook told us it was created by the Cuban sculptor, Yoan Capote. Yoan plays with the human body,… Read More »Yoan Capote

The Four Humors

Beth Cavener Stichter was intrigued by the notion which is the basis of Hippocratic medicine: a person could be emotionally and psychologically evaluated by their level of fluids. According to ancient Greek Humorism, the traditional four temperaments: sanguine, melancholic, choleric, and phlegmatic were caused by imbalances in the four bodily… Read More »The Four Humors

O Que Você Tem Na Cabeça?

Carla Pires de Carvalho Fernandes Super Brain Call Parade (3)

Does anyone still use telephone booths?  They’re clearly still around here and there, so why not use them for public art projects?  That’s exactly what Sao Paulo, Brazil did with their project titled Call Parade.  They commissioned 100 artists to decorate 100 public telephone booths around the city.  It’s resulted… Read More »O Que Você Tem Na Cabeça?

Anatomical Typewriter Sculptures by Jeremy Mayer

Wow. Words can’t describe how cool this is (especially given his process)! Jeremy Mayer has mastered the disassembling and reassembling of old typewriters into anatomical figures, both human and animal. The figures fit together seamlessly in an intricate, delicate, and yet also robust way. It seems like typewriters are the perfect medium to convey the beauty of the human (or really… Read More »Anatomical Typewriter Sculptures by Jeremy Mayer

Calamita Cosmica

Calamita Cosmica by Gino de Dominicis at MAXXI

This giant 78 foot long skeleton is the creation of Italian artist Gino De Dominicis and is on display at the MAXXI museum of contemporary art in Rome, Italy.  It is called “Calamita Cosmica” and except for the strange long nose, is a perfect model of the human skeleton.  Amazing.… Read More »Calamita Cosmica