Hedi Xandt’s Dark Emotions

Hedi Xandt God of the Grove

“I could stare into the face of a skull for hours, for example, and always see new things.” – Hedi Xandt I admire the range of work by Hamburg-based communication designer and conceptual artist Hedi Xandt. His combination of design, concept, and execution is extremely impressive and gives his work… Read More »Hedi Xandt’s Dark Emotions

Bartek Elsner’s Cardboard Heart

Bartek Elsner cardboard heart (4)

Incredible use of cardboard to build an anatomically correct heart.  Created by Berlin based multi-disciplinary artist and cardboard sculptor Bartek Elsner. View more of Bartek’s amazing cardboard structures, such as a giant boombox and tree, on Behance and at

Margaux Lange Re-Membering Barbie

Margaux Lange Plastic Body Series Chests necklace

Beautifully crafted jewelry created out of recycled Barbie body parts by New York based designer, Margaux Lange. The craftsmanship looks amazing! These are definite conversation pieces, especially the doll breast necklaces and butt bracelet. More about Margaux and her series: “Margaux Lange’s Plastic Body Series art jewelry collection utilizes salvaged Barbie doll parts… Read More »Margaux Lange Re-Membering Barbie

Bogdan Rata – Human Anatoforms

Bogdan Rata sculpture (4)

Romanian sculptor, Bogdan Rata creates bodily forms devoid of facial features and personality some of which are seemingly engulfing into their own skin. Using polystyrene, industrial paint, plaster, and synthetic resin, Bogdan sculpts forms of human anatomy projecting what could be our own discomfort with the human body. The sculptures… Read More »Bogdan Rata – Human Anatoforms

Gary Farlow’s Heart of Glass

Gary Farlow Glass Anatomy heart

Anatomical glass blowing seems to be sweeping the globe. This next contribution, by Gary Farlow and his team at Farlow’s Scientific Glassblowing Inc., does more than please the SA reading eye. These beautiful anatomical glass models are designed to educate: simulating blood flow and teaching medical procedures and tests, such… Read More »Gary Farlow’s Heart of Glass