Melis Buyruk – Anatomy Served

Melis Buryruk Bon Appetit

Melis Buyruk crafts anatomical forms in ceramic some of which are featured on plates and embellished with insects and flowers. She uses ceramic, an often utilitarian material, as a form of presentation of both inner and outer beauty. Anatomical features are served separated from any tie to gender, race, or social position. I… Read More »Melis Buyruk – Anatomy Served

A Cephalopod’s Anatomy Class

Hine Mizushima Cephalopod Anatomy

Hine Mizushima and her friend, Yuko Higuchi, collaborated to create this diorama of a fantastical cephalopod anatomy class. Hine, a needle-felter and stop-motion video artist, crafted the creatures and built the diorama. She placed Yuko’s beautiful illustrations throughout and made the stunning anatomical heart the centerpiece.  The inherent cuteness of it all is… Read More »A Cephalopod’s Anatomy Class

Hannes Hummel’s Luxury Problems

Hannes Hummel Luxury Problems blue detail

Cologne-based designer Hannes Hummel created this set of busts based on dub techno producer Andy Stott’s record titled, “Luxury Problems.” The morbid busts are reflective of Andy Stott’s dark, complex, and choppy sound. Hannes began the creation process by scanning several busts and skulls. He then remixed them digitally to… Read More »Hannes Hummel’s Luxury Problems

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Ella Nitters Home Heart

Fascinated with the iconic representation of a house, designer Koen Wilde decided to carve it out of wood. He then sent out this tiny wooden house to artists all over the world and told them to do what they want with it. He calls the project Huisnr. Rotterdam-based illustrator, Ella Nitters… Read More »Home Is Where The Heart Is

Hedi Xandt’s Bodilisk II

Bodilisk II – Acheron, 2015 Hedi Xandt Gods & Monsters

We’ve been following the stunning sculptures of Hedi Xandt since last year when we posted an overview of his work. His latest sculpture, titled “Bodilisk II – Acheron,” is an écorché style creature clutching a gold heart. Hedi states that his classical sculptures, “show the dark side of a beauty that is considered… Read More »Hedi Xandt’s Bodilisk II

Simon Tourneboeuf – Arm Lamps, Clavicle Knives, and Beyond

A longtime follower of Street Anatomy, French sculptor Simon Tourneboeuf recently shared his transformations of human anatomy into functional wooden sculptures. Thus the skull becomes a mortar, the arm a lamp, the clavicle a deadly knife, all giving a unique take on the concept of functional anatomy. Each wooden tool seamlessly… Read More »Simon Tourneboeuf – Arm Lamps, Clavicle Knives, and Beyond