Street Anatomy SXSW Panel Talk!

Street Anatomy will be a panel talker at SXSW Austin 2013

Will you be joining the thousands of happy peppy people at SXSW starting on Friday? If so, add our panel talk to your schedule! Presenting Complex Information with Simplicity Monday, March 11th, 3:30–4:30 PM Omni Downtown, 700 San Jacinto, Austin Presented by Tristen George, Creative Director at Abelson Taylor and Vanessa Ruiz,… Read More »Street Anatomy SXSW Panel Talk!

Ask a Mortician

Caitlin Doughty Order of the Good Death

Meet Caitlin Doughty, a down-to-earth gal who likes to dabble with the deceased. Doughty also happens to be a licensed mortician, former crematory operator, and the founder of Order of the Good Death. A project which has now expanded to include “filmmakers, poets, musicians, artists, and writers exploring ways to… Read More »Ask a Mortician

For the Tech Nerd

I’ve found there are a few great pieces out there that will add that other touch of anatomy in our daily lives. Studio9, in partnership with Blik Graphics, has created a line of iPhone skins and cases, laptop skins, as well as wall art. These three in particular will show… Read More »For the Tech Nerd

Wood Bones!

I first read about this in a small Times blurb about 50 great inventions, or some such thing; I thought it was cool then, but didn’t do much research. But the more I read about it the more excited I am to see where it goes!!! I would totally get… Read More »Wood Bones!

A Fresh Think Anatomy—Street Anatomy’s sister site—has finally gotten a facelift!  The redesign includes a clear and simple layout, easily identifiable categories to search through for anatomy resources, and a one-click rating system. Think Anatomy is a growing collection of some of the best anatomy resources on the Internet.  If you’re an anatomy… Read More »A Fresh Think Anatomy

Under the Skin of Argosy’s Visible Body

Visible Body

Visible Body

Argosy Publishing has made a dream come true for students and teachers wanting an easy to use, high quality, 3D interactive anatomy atlas. And the best part of all? It’s absolutely free.

Other 3D atlases like A.D.A.M’s Interactive Anatomy ($695) and Primal Pictures’ Complete Online Human Anatomy Series ($660) don’t offer the flexibility of real time manipulation of their 3D models. The Visible Body allows you to seamlessly zoom in and out, rotate in any direction, and go directly into the body just by using your mouse. You can also add and delete systems, make systems transparent, and isolate specific structures. And to top it all off they created a very clean and simple user interface.

I had the opportunity to interview the CEO of Argosy Publishing, Andrew Bowditch, on the development, motivation behind, and future of the Visible Body.

How long did it take to complete the Visible Body?

This has been a five to six year project. We started by building models of various anatomical structures that we could then use to create animations for our clients. About two and a half years ago, we began to put the models all together and fill in the gaps. A huge challenge was to create the programming and user interface so that people could use the Visible Body as a whole and online. I wouldn’t say it is ‘complete’ — we have lots of ideas that we are working on to continually improve on it. But we felt that it is already a very useful tool, and that’s why we decided to release it publicly now.

Is there a team dedicated to completing the Visible Body or do your employees work on it alongside other projects?

We have a core team that is mostly dedicated to Visible, but occasionally some of them work on other things to help pay our bills. But it took an enormous amount of effort and dedication to get Visible Body to where it is now — definitely not a part time side project.


Argosy Publishing

Currently the Visible Body can only be viewed on Internet Explorer on Windows, when can we expect to see the Visible Body across all platforms?

We are about to start working on a Mac version of the Visible Body. It is hard to say how long this will take, because it is going to require a whole new round of intensive programming, and we know from experience that it takes a lot of innovation, hard work, and trial and error to get such a complex program on the web. That being said, we want everybody to be able to use the Visible Body, and that includes everyone who can’t now due to platform incompatibility. We are dedicated to ultimately making this product platform-neutral.

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