For the Wardrobe

Every good street anatomist has their fair share of science related fashion. I myself have a nice collection of Threadless tees, but now I’m thinking it’s time to upgrade to some even cooler duds. This may be a sweater for boys, but how many people are hoping this Fair Isle… Read More »For the Wardrobe

For the Tech Nerd

I’ve found there are a few great pieces out there that will add that other touch of anatomy in our daily lives. Studio9, in partnership with Blik Graphics, has created a line of iPhone skins and cases, laptop skins, as well as wall art. These three in particular will show… Read More »For the Tech Nerd

Sexy or Creepy Dishware?

Kissing creamer and sugar set by Reshape Studio

BuzzFeed calls it sexy. I don’t know…I find it kind of disturbing. Kissing porcelain tea/coffee pot available at Reshape Studio via Etsy for $110.00 Kissing creamer and sugar set available separately at Reshape Studio via Etsy for $64.00

Bone China Skeleton Plates

These are so beautiful and I know a handful of people who’d love these for the holidays! The set of 6 plates can be yours for £120.00 at!

4th Amendment Underclothes

What happened to the pat-down/body scanner protests that were supposed to take place here in the US over the Thanksgiving holiday?  Did anyone think it would actually happen?  C’mon, people just want to get home to see their family and get through the airport process as fast as possible.  But,… Read More »4th Amendment Underclothes

Blood Puddle Pillows

Blood Puddle Pillow by Keetra Dean Dixon

Have you ever passed out from pure exhaustion and felt dead to the world? Well this is a perfect pillow for such occasions. Created by FromKeetra, the pillows average a size of 16″ x 16″ and are made from silk velvet and batting. Here’s what they have to say about… Read More »Blood Puddle Pillows

Patricia Waller

Patricia Waller is a German based artist whose work combines the morbid and adorable into some pretty amazing pieces. Waller uses mainly yarn, wool, and wires to create these plush toys. Frankly, these are the kinds of things I would have loved as a kid. I appreciate them even more… Read More »Patricia Waller

Wabbit Tote Bag

Sport this Wabbit Tote Bag from Zoologie and look really cool!  Buy it here for 65 bucks.

SkullMate by Luke Twigger

Luke Twigger Skull Mate

Luke Twigger has designed these gorgeous skull containers. Each skull features a golden tooth and a floral pattern, as well as a pin-cushion brain for the lid. You can fill your head with whatever suits your fancy.  

Crystal Head Vodka

Behind this beautiful packaging, lies a historical event that boggles minds today.  Way before Street Anatomy and the Skull-a-Day blog, 13 magnificently crafted skulls were found scattered around the world. No one really understands how they were made that well so long ago. The thought is that they hold magical… Read More »Crystal Head Vodka