Anatomic Fashion Friday: Silver Heart

An industrial feeling sterling silver anatomical heart handmade by Miss Industry whose inspiration stems from tattoos, graphic design, mechanics, electronic music, heavy metal fashion, horror films, and romance.

Written on the Body

Alice Scott Written on the Body

This unusual piece of jewelry was done by jeweler & metalsmith AliceScott. The piece is marked by silver veins that run along the backside of the hand and in place of a stone sits a human wisdom tooth.


Veronika Fillippova has designed this heart puzzle to educate our youth regarding Genetic Engineering for future generations.  Each part of the heart is marked with a letter from the DNA combination GATC. Hopefully this will be a part of a… Read More »Gentoy

Bone Evolution

Here’s a very unique bone-inspired bench by artist Dimi Loginoff.  It’s quite interesting how Loginoff evolved and simplified the bone-shaped lounge from an original bone form.  Love the colors too… Check out some other beautiful work here! [via Behance]  … Read More »Bone Evolution

Office Anatomy

Just in case you wanted to be the biggest geek at your workplace, here is a bulk order of ear memo clips and some nose pencil sharpeners to go along with it. Best of luck.    

Salomon Snowboard Art

Gorgeous artwork for the Salomon Artwork Contest 08′ by Salvatore Guinta.  I like how the anatomical elements run into eachother to create this abstraction.  Nice color palette too…    

Design and Artsy Shit

LAB – Anatomi Series Emil Kozak has some serious talent.  His “design and artsy shit” as he would say is simple, colorful, and pretty awesome all together.  Beautiful type designer too… [via abduzeedo]