SkullMate by Luke Twigger

Luke Twigger Skull Mate

Luke Twigger has designed these gorgeous skull containers. Each skull features a golden tooth and a floral pattern, as well as a pin-cushion brain for the lid. You can fill your head with whatever suits your fancy.  

Hand Soap

It was only a matter of time before we got some literal hand soap, and how glorious it is. Maybe they’ll have a version of this that’s not wall mounted, that would be rad—if we’re lucky, a version with a… Read More »Hand Soap

Teeth Mug

Hand carved teeth mug that is sure to develop coffee stains…Better clean this thing extra well! [via Likecool]

Rest your Brain

Carly Keith used inspiration from a cat-scan to create a hand-carved stamp, which she then made into a pillow.  This would be awesome as wall paper too!