Human Ivory

Rachel Betty Case has made these anatomical oddities from what she refers to as ‘human ivory’, that is, finger and toe nail clippings, although they are neither bone nor teeth, which she fully acknowledges. You can purchase through her Etsy,… Read More »Human Ivory

Anatomical Steam Treasures

Scrub your anatomical parts clean with this set of three soaps featuring an anatomical heart, lungs, and brain by SteamBathFactory. Available for $18 at Etsy! Would make a sweet gift for your anatomy lover. [spotted by Sara]

Steam Punk Heart

This steam punk heart is the shirt of the day over at!  It’s only 10 bux!  Get it today and today only, then it shall never be seen again. [spotted by Andrew]

Smoke This….

A revamped peace pipe? Well, these beauties are certainly no calumet, and the price isn’t too peaceful either. If your wallet is thick enough, you can have your choice of three unique anatomical pipes… to use as uniquely as you… Read More »Smoke This….

Feed Your Brain

A whole new way to eat your spaghetti, although this brain bowl screams Silence of the Lambs to me… and now I’ve lost my appetite.

Skull Light

Add some charm to your home with this skull light from Mixko!  Ruiz should have this no doubt.