Anatomical Espresso

How does caffeine affect your body? Study the organ systems involved when sipping on your morning espresso with this clever cup collection by Dutch designer Joep Van Lieshout.  Each cup is signed and numbered by the artist. [Spotted by Miss… Read More »Anatomical Espresso

Anatomic Fashion Friday: Silver Heart

An industrial feeling sterling silver anatomical heart handmade by Miss Industry whose inspiration stems from tattoos, graphic design, mechanics, electronic music, heavy metal fashion, horror films, and romance.


This life size dental mannequin is actually used by dental students for teaching and practicing. It’s a bit intense—kinda like Robocop. [via Radio Guy, whose site is full of random medical devices.]    

Skull…or hidden fairies?

Just released skull t-shirt on Threadless featuring hidden glow-in-the-dark fairies, designed by Frank Barbara. Available in guys and girls sizes for $18.  Get yours here!    

The Essence T-Shirt

The interconnected beauty of life is represented in this exquisitely designed t-shirt by graphic designer, Courtney Kuntz. The shirt, appropriately titled “Essence,” was originally created for an environmental awareness art show at the Venice Contemporary Gallery in Venice, CA. Courtney… Read More »The Essence T-Shirt

Introducing the Lung Ashtray

Finding Cheska Lung Ashtray

Pretty, sleek, and elegant, this ashtray by Taiwanese tabletop design group, Finding Cheska, allows you to see your lungs fill with ash as you smoke each and every cigarette.