Skin Shirt

This skin shirt was made by Swedish photographer Simon Berg. The shirt is a photograph of his, printed on fabric and sewn into a shirt. I don’t think it’s for sale, as it is a series of one, but I’m not so sure I would want to wear this particular… Read More »Skin Shirt

Anatomy Keds

Anatomical Keds…who would have thought this day would come!  This pair of Keds Champion shoes uses quite a combination of art styles….anatomical drawings and polka dots.  Never would have thought to mix the two! They’re going for 65 Euros and can be purchased at [via designboom]    

Muscle Skin Suit

Cool cycling gear by Tomek Pietek. No matter what size you are, this skin suit will show off your goods!  Check out some of his other cool designs at [via behance]    

Nicole Tran Ba Vang Printemps Collection

Collection Printemps/Eté 2000, Sans titre 06, Photographie couleur, 78cmx198cm, 2000 Collection Printemps/Eté 2000, Sans titre 01, Photographie couleur, 114cmx96cm, 2000 Collection Printemps/Eté 2000, Sans titre 03, Photographie couleur, 114cmx103cm, 2000 Collection Printemps/Eté 2000, Sans titre 08, Photographie couleur, 132cmx116cm, 2000 I need these boots. Nicole Tran Ba Vang has quite an… Read More »Nicole Tran Ba Vang Printemps Collection

Petit Coeur / Little Heart

Now this is a drinking glass! Artist Etienne Meneau created this beautifully abstracted heart-shaped drinking glass called Petit Coeur (Little Heart).  I love the overall shape and how the wine flows through like blood. Check out his other cool glass sculptures here! height : 7.9 in. content : 20 cl… Read More »Petit Coeur / Little Heart

Body Speakers

Are those speakers real? Bob Turek created this great MP3 speaker system using a real fiberglass mannequin as part of his Object Remix Series.  Who would have thought the human body would be such a perfect platform for music?? As part of my object remix series, this stereo forces the… Read More »Body Speakers

Hand Gesture Candles

Atelier WM Hand Gesture Candle blue

Hand Gesture Candles by the french group ATELIER WM. Available at Colette, Black Block of the Palais de Tokyo and Artydandy. Very realistic! L’atelier WM is a a group of young artists founded in Paris in 2008. They have a line of colorful candles, both in looks and attitude. Hands… Read More »Hand Gesture Candles

Pandor Absinthe

The Pandor Absinthe will make you discover the wild and soft sensations emanating from this once, forgotten plant. Its alcohol level and its flavor will allow you to taste it at a fresh temperature but also in cocktails as well as mixed with soft drinks or on the rocks mixed… Read More »Pandor Absinthe

Wash your Hands with Hands

Little baby hand soaps. Creepy or cute? You can find them at Foliage for $16.00 Because these are hand made each set is slightly different with different hand-shapes & skin-ish colors.  The soaps range from 1/2” to 2” tall.  The soap is goat’s milk + vegetable glycerin & has a… Read More »Wash your Hands with Hands