Poster Art

Cobra Skulls Poster

18” x 24” 3 colors on Natural Papter. Signed and Numbered Two Arms Inc. is an awesome silkscreening shop in Brooklyn, NY.   This poster is a new addition to their beautiful portfolio of work. Check them out at!

The Heads of State Posters

The Heads of State is a design house in Philly that has an amazing portfolio of illustration and graphic design work. Above are just a few examples of their music posters.  Check out their work on their portfolio site,

Hollywood is Dead

Artist Matt Busch has taken some classics and recreated them for a world run by undead executives and riddled with undead actors. I could make some crack about how that already seems to be the case for most movies and… Read More »Hollywood is Dead

Vera Project Gigposter

Weapons of Mass Design design some pretty nice silk screens, like this one above for the Vera Project.  Check them out right here!

Avett Brothers

Avett Brothers anatomical poster

Some more awesome event posters for another awesome band, The Avett Brothers. [via GigPosters]

Yeasayer poster

Gigposter by Base Art Co.  The left side is the actual poster and the right side shows the poster glowing in the dark!  Fun and great!

A Life Well Wasted Poster

Simple poster design by Olly Moss for the videogame podcast, A Life Well Wasted.  12 x 18 and only 200 made however sold out at the moment. I love it!

Bride of Frankenstein

This Bride of Frankenstein poster by Martin Ansin is a screen printed, 24″ x 36″, with gold, silver and black inks.  The variant version has copper and silver and costs a bit more ($80).  Buy it here!