Poster Art


Morcheeba lemon antomical heart gigposter

British band Morcheeba’s lemon hearted gig posted for their Canadian visit to the Imperial Quebec. [retrieved via gig posters]

Vampire Weekend Gigposter

Brian Danaher has been posted before for his creative usage of the human heart. Here’s another cool Gigposter he’s created for Vampire Weekend.  3 color screenprint, 18 x 24, and can be purchased here!

The Antlers Poster

Animal Canon designed this 3 color screen print for The Antlers. 19″ x 25″ and only 90 were made. Buy it here for $20.

Mannequin Men Poster

Very nice poster designs by Nick Kulp.  Each print has its own unique, transparent watercolor background.  Cool mixture of textures, mediums, and color! [via Gigposters]    

Sona el Poal

Some crazy mix of anatomy and type going on here!  I love the subtle touches of pink in there too. This was done by a really cool design house in Spain called Medusateam.  Their works tends to be very colorful… Read More »Sona el Poal

Are You Creative?

Poster design for the German design school, Akademie an der Einstein strasse U5, by Felix Vonder Weppen.  The type that’s creating the convolutions in the brain reads, “Are you Creative?  I am!” [via Behance]    

Jesse Philips Poster

Cool poster for the CD release at Launchpad by Jesse Philips.  3-color print, measures 17.5″ x 23″,  and only $10!  Buy it on Philips’ other works are extravagant in design, extremely detailed and extremely awesome!    

Mulo Poster

I loveeee this guy’s work.  So much energy and color to look at…check out Mulo’s other designs here!    


Figure 2.1: “As important as the muscular system is the game system, a critical tool used by physical therapists as an aid in traditional rehabilitation.” “The good thing about Wii is that its serious side feels like fun and games.”… Read More »AnatoWii