Anatomy of a Kiss

Eww, so that’s what kissing looks like anatomically.  This is a still image from Madonna’s “4 Minutes” music video.  The effects were created by Paris based Mikros Image who specialize in digital post-production and visual effects for feature films and commercials.  Watch the video here, they did an absolutely seamless… Read More »Anatomy of a Kiss

Don’t Judge People…

Peter Chmela – “Don’t judge people according to their appearance.” This is a brilliant photographic project filmed by Peter Chmela. If you look carefully, you can see that each photo spells out a word of the title phrase. [via FabrikProject]    

Suspicious Toes

From left to right we have, Guilt, Suspicion, Innocence, Distrust, and Overly-heavy-mascara (aka draaaama queen).  I see potential for a cartoon series… By Flickr user soheresanomelette.

Margot Quan Knight

Via DesignYouTrust: The work of American artist Margot Knight sticks in the mind: a strange parallel universe of double takes and playful, sometimes dark, surrealism. She draws inspiration from a rich history of photographic artists who focus on the body and her parents’ medical textbooks. She says, “I begin with objects… Read More »Margot Quan Knight