Vanitas Remix

Julie N Hascoet Vanitas II

A talented young French photographer, Julie N. Hascoët’s still life’s of death symbols, or vanitas, mix in prosthesis and wigs that seem to create tension between the organic and synthetic.  It reminds you that many of the things humans use to enhance their bodies long outlast the owner. View more… Read More »Vanitas Remix

Sutured But Not Healed

Suture arm Photo by Øystein Horgmo

    As a medial photographer, Øystein Horgmo, captures some of the most interesting subjects imaginable.  This specimen, found in a medical student’s practical skills center, is covered in the attempts to heal fleshy lacerations which many of them are, as Øystein says, “sutured, but none of them healed.” But… Read More »Sutured But Not Healed

Project RED

Project RED by Marijana Gligic and Milica Shishalica

Photography: Marijana Gligic Hair: Milica Shishalica That’s one of the coolest haircuts I’ve ever seen.  Love the red, love the anatomy, love the model. Project RED is the brainchild of photographer/designer, Marijana Gligic and hairstylist, Milica Shishalica who founded CUT Team, which brings together people from many creative fields, including… Read More »Project RED

Bouquet of Bodies

I love these floral compositions by Cecelia Webber.  Her sense of color and ability to form the human body into flowers is really stunning. At first, it’s hard to tell you’re looking at naked bodies, but indeed that’s the magic of her work!  Take a look at her full collection… Read More »Bouquet of Bodies

Bobby Neel Adams – Couples

Bobby Neel Adams is a New York-based artist whose “photographic work addresses the transformation of the human body by aging and circumstance.” His series “Family Tree” involves combing photos of parents with their children, using re-sizing  and manually placing the photos together to show the two people as one. Adams… Read More »Bobby Neel Adams – Couples

Olivier Valsecchi “Dust”

Olivier Valsecchi’s latest collection highlights bodies in motion and accentuates the human form as it is met with dust. These photos convey beauty and discomfort. It looks as if some individuals are embracing the impact of dust and others are retreating from it, and still some seem to glide through… Read More »Olivier Valsecchi “Dust”

Giovanni Bortolani

Besides having a really fun name to pronounce, Giovanni Bortolani has quite an eye for people inside and out. This series, called Fake Too Fake is quite powerful and can be seen in totality here. His other photography is very beautiful and worth peeking at too!

Le Cours d’Anatomie

Jérémie Decalf Le Cours d'Anatomie

There are times when I’m sent beautiful imagery accompanied by a raw story that stays with me and inspires me to notice the mundane things we often pass without thought.  Things like the eerie stillness of an anatomy lab after a class.  The way anatomical models are left and the… Read More »Le Cours d’Anatomie

Making the Internal External

Richard Sawdonsmith vein tattoos

Yesterday was World Aids Day and British photographer, Richard Sawdon Smith, features the testing process through his body and photography. Blood tests are part of the regular routine of someone who is HIV+, even if they are feeling healthy. The invasion of the body, the puncturing of the skin, by… Read More »Making the Internal External

Todd Baxter

Todd Baxter is one of my favorite photographers and I am so excited his images are for sale.  The above print titled, “Eaten by Bear” is apart of the series called Owl Scouts, which you should check out as well!   This print is 44″ x 42″ and only 30 exist. … Read More »Todd Baxter

Jorge Miguel Photography

Here are some pretty great photographs from the series De cabeza by photographer Jorge Miguel. Check out more of this series on his flickr site. [via designyoutrust]

Yama (gshin.rje)

Who better to be displayed with two judging eyes, but the Tibetan deity of samsara, guardian of all realms of life, judge of the dead?! (For the record, Yama is not exclusively Tibetan, but we won’t get into that.) The skull camera, created by Wayne Martin Belger, is actually composed… Read More »Yama (gshin.rje)