The Skills Room by Cristiana Montis

London-based photographer, Cristiana Montis created this series of photographs based off of the manikins used in the Canterbury Christ Church University skills labs.  Cristiana’s compositions create a sense of sadness and isolation around the manikins in each photograph. She says of her experience, “The adult and young person manikins are life-size… Read More »The Skills Room by Cristiana Montis

Pedro De Sousa Projects Muscle on Skin

Pedro Sousa Muscled Skin (1)

Portugal-based graphic designer and digital artist Pedro Sousa, created this series of photographs with what looks like projection of the muscles onto the model. View more of Pedro’s work via his Behance.

Evi Numen

Evi Numen Valentine

This piece, titled Valentine, was created by visual artist Evi Numen who “draws inspiration from medicine and psychiatry as well as painting and film.”  Evi also happens to work full time at one of my favorite museums in the world, The Mütter Museum.  How cool is that! View all of… Read More »Evi Numen

Growth, Destruction, Rebirth I

Caitlin Bates Growth, Destruction, Rebirth I foot

While Atlanta-based visual artist, Caitlin Bates received her BFA in Photography from SCAD, she believes that “sometimes limiting one’s artwork to a specific medium constricts an artist from growing while deconstructing the flow of ideas and thought processes.” Her project titled, Growth, Destruction, Rebirth I, reveals an idealized, clean, fibrous… Read More »Growth, Destruction, Rebirth I

Molotov Heart

Francis Baker Molotov heart

Powerful Molotov cocktail hearts by photographer and mixed media artist, Francis Baker. Francis says of his pieces: I created this work, inspired by the Egyptians and the so called Arab spring. The visual starting point is the Molotov cocktail that has been the weapon of choice for the protesters. There… Read More »Molotov Heart

A Woman’s Neck

Israel Perez Escribano Neck Anatomy Collage

Israel Perez has only been taking photographs for 2 years, and while still trying to find his style, has produced some beautiful work. In the piece above, titled Neck Anatomy, Israel wanted to show the beauty that “is literally inside of us.”  Working as a nurse for the past 8… Read More »A Woman’s Neck

A Woman’s Back is Beauty

Diana Eastman anatomy back

Edinburgh-based photographer Diana Eastman shot this gorgeous photograph overlayed with a classic anatomical illustration from what I believe is Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve always loved the lines and contours of a female back.  While men hold their strength in their arms or chests, I feel that a woman holds all her… Read More »A Woman’s Back is Beauty

Thom Atkinson: Wellcome Collection

Thom Atkinson wax head

The Wellcome Collection if filled with some of the most interesting medical artifacts you will ever see.  Seriously, Henry Wellcome collected some weird objects, just try and picture what an anti-masturbation device looks like for a man—yes it involves spikes. Photographer Thom Atkinson captured some of the Wellcome Collection artifacts… Read More »Thom Atkinson: Wellcome Collection

Broken Sundowns

Im just a skeleton

Photographer Amy Hastlehurst caught my attention. Just being 16, her photography and portraits are an absolute treasure to see. She mentions on her flickr account that she thinks “too many people look at themselves and don’t see what lies underneath their skin” and would like to continue this series of… Read More »Broken Sundowns


Me&Edward is a 23 year old French photographer. He says his interests shifted from being a cook to “cooking with body parts, light, composition, and flesh.” The above photos are from the series “Metamorphosis.” Me&Edward defines the project as, “a concept about the unlimited transformations of human body. Just like… Read More »Metamorphosis