Anatomy in Music: Nirvana

If you paid even the slightest attention to Nirvana you would quickly notice a common theme—anatomy and various deviations from the bodily “norm”. Their early album Incesticide is well…titled Incesticide and the cover art gave an early glimpse into front man Kurt Cobain’s fascination with the body.  Included on the… Read More »Anatomy in Music: Nirvana

Vesna Jovanovic: Reattachment

Vesna Jovanovic Reattachment detail

Reattachment, 2008, 36″x36″, MRI Scan, Ink, Watercolor, Graphite, and Colored Pencil on Paper Original MRI scan Vesna Jovanovic, a visual artist with self proclaimed interests in science and perceptual phenomena, created this album cover for Chicago composer Dan Wallace.  Wanting a medically themed cover, Dan gave Vesna an MRI scan… Read More »Vesna Jovanovic: Reattachment

Dying For You to See Them

Amy Winehouse

Artist and illustrator Ben Brown have created these limited edition dead-undead masterpieces. Situated in Australia, Ben Brown seems to focus on the stylistic and colourful use of the comic book style. Along with the likes of Buddy Holly, James Dean, and Kurt Cobain, he uses other iconic images such as Spiderman,… Read More »Dying For You to See Them

Sébastien Tellier – Look

[iframe width=”500″ height=”369″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen] Mesmerizing music video for Sébastien Tellier’s “Look.” Directed by Mrzyk & Moriceau.   [spotted by Reza Mohammadi]  



This was sent to me by my dear friend and fellow medical illustration graduate, Juna Kurihara.  Juna is based in Japan which is where this insane music video originated. There are no words to explain.  There is anatomy sprinkled throughout though!  And I can’t guarantee that you won’t be left… Read More »PONPONPON

RIP Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse by FAKE

Eerie photo of Amy Winehouse created by Dutch street artist FAKE. [spotted by SARO via Flickr]