Medical Illustration

Interlude: Medical Visual


Gives a whole new meaning to the term “still life.” Table 71 Ontleding des menschelyken lichaams (1690) Anatomist: Govard Bidloo (1649-1713) Artist: Gerard de Lairesse (1640-1711)    

Maya Shoemaker

Maya Shoemaker appendectomy illustration

It’s been a while since we’ve posted the work of an actual medical illustrator here on Street Anatomy, but when I saw this image in the current medical illustration Sourcebook, I was in complete awe.  Maya Shoemaker, a graduate of… Read More »Maya Shoemaker


Frank Scali Anastomosis

Illustrator, dissector, and physician, Dr. Frank Scali, created this piece inspired by the anatomical definition of anastomosis. Scali says of his piece, “The female portrays the superficial venous blood flow, the male depicts deep arterial blood flow. Together they form… Read More »Anastomosis