Medical Illustration

Blunt Dissection

My illustration of the mosquito hemostat.  A fabulous dissecting tool because it’s blunt so won’t cut through important structures and it easily spreads fascia, tissue, and muscle. (Sounds like a morbid infomercial.) Medical illustrators need to know more than human anatomy. We need to be able to differentiate the many… Read More »Blunt Dissection

Anatomics by Rich Carthew

Rich Carthew Ferro Organic detail

Illustrations by Rich Carthew, a graduate student pursuing his Master of Art and Design at Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand. He’s studying the interplay between anatomical representation and technology from the time of Vesalius to the present. I’m hoping that Rich will contribute some thought provoking posts to Street… Read More »Anatomics by Rich Carthew

Interlude: Medical Visual

Jim Stanis glomerulus

This is an illustration of a glomerulus, the main filter of the nephron in the kidney. Medical illustrator, Jim Stanis, created this beautiful image using Photoshop. Jim is a recent graduate of UIC’s Biomedical Visualization program. This is a 2007 AMI Salon entry.  

Interlude: Medical Visual

Anatomical theater in Leiden 1610

“Anatomical Theatre at Leiden was sold as a souvenir at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. The well-dressed men and women touring the dissection hall in this 1610 engraving by W. Swanenburg show that the upper classes of 17th-century Europe were interested in anatomy.” [via Yale] The flags carried… Read More »Interlude: Medical Visual

Medical Illustration Tutorial

Mike de la Flor pen and ink

For those of you interested in pursuing medical illustration or simply want to do it as a hobby, this is a must-do tutorial by freelance medical illustrator, Mike de la Flor. Mike “guides you step-by-step through the essential concepts of medical illustration. Here he reveals the fundamentals of digital pen… Read More »Medical Illustration Tutorial

Interlude: Medical Visual

Jacques Gamelin

Currently the image on my desktop… Artist: Jacques Gamelin (1738-1803) From: Nouveau receuil d’ostologie et de myologie (1779)    

Scientific Visualization: An Explanation

Felice Frankel, a judge for the Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge, and Graham Johnson, a Certified Medical Illustrator, explain the relationship between science and art in this podcast titled “Please Explain: Scientific Visualization.” This is a great discussion on the field of medical and scientific visualization. Topics include, interpreting scientific data… Read More »Scientific Visualization: An Explanation

Is that a scalpel in your bowel? An introduction to Medical-Legal Illustration

elbow xray

With the increase in the number of malpractice and personal injury suits it’s becoming increasingly important to provide adequate visual representation in order to effectively convey medical information to a jury. Can you imagine taking complex medical/clinical information and interpreting it so that a jury with an average high school… Read More »Is that a scalpel in your bowel? An introduction to Medical-Legal Illustration

Interlude: Medical Visual

dAgoty anatomical illustration hands

There is something anatomically incorrect about this color illustration, can you tell what it is? Artist: Jacques Fabian Gautier d’Agoty (1717-1785) Surgeon: Jacques-Francois-Marie Duverney (1661-1748) Trained as a printmaker, Gautier d’Agoty created his illustrations using a technique he helped pioneer, color mezzotinting. Mezzotinting involves making different color impressions using individual… Read More »Interlude: Medical Visual