Medical Illustration

Maya Shoemaker

Maya Shoemaker appendectomy illustration

It’s been a while since we’ve posted the work of an actual medical illustrator here on Street Anatomy, but when I saw this image in the current medical illustration Sourcebook, I was in complete awe.  Maya Shoemaker, a graduate of the UT Southwestern Biomedical Communications graduate program, is an award-winning… Read More »Maya Shoemaker

Skin and Bones Poster

This infographic-approached design by Jade Jariya, is a modern and simple way to portray the consequences of eating disorders, as well as highlighting body image statistics.  The full poster has a strange colorized effect but the true color is reflected in the close-ups above. A much prettier design than most… Read More »Skin and Bones Poster

SOBeFIT Magazine Art

We’ve posted work from SOBeFit Magazine before, and thanks to our friend/designer Sarah Cazee, we have some more to show!  The work above is very conceptual and well designed, making the content fun and inviting to read, with the readers getting valuable education about their bodies.  Check out the magazine… Read More »SOBeFIT Magazine Art

Anatomy sketches

Beautifully rendered anatomical sketches by DeviantART user dollinjune14.  Love the detail and linework, especially in that hand. [spotted by Rizwan]    

Anatomy of an Italian Graphic Designer

Happy Centro Anatomy of Designer

Women on the mind, cheese in the gut, and brain in the testes…predictable. Very nice subtle details, such as turning his pelvis into a paint palette, makes this a very cool take on the anatomical poster. Created by Happy Centro, based in Verona, Italy.    

Cast Anatomy

Heather Tompkins Anatomical cast

This has to be the best cast art I have seen by far—such beautiful linework!  Drawn by our very own Heather Tompkins on the cast of the unfortunate arm of illustrator, Taylor White.  Apparently there was a snowboard involved.    

Human vs. Machine

This is a very nice graphic from “Good Magazine” that compares the use of energy between the average human and the average car. Good Magazine approached us to create a series of information graphics centered around five topics: the hidden cost of war; the amount of energy burned by the… Read More »Human vs. Machine

Skin Cubes of Leah Neuhauser

I love a well rendered skin cube.  These illustrations are by Leah Neuhauser, tattoo artist, piercer, and trained scientific illustrator.  They show skin being tattooed and pierced and are part of an ongoing series of illustrations. You don’t see too much stippling in medical illustration, which is a shame.  I’ve… Read More »Skin Cubes of Leah Neuhauser

The “Effects” of Corsetry

Effects of corsetry

This rad photo was taken by Demode on Flickr (it’s under the Antwerp album). Needless to say, it does not make me want to wear a corset. [via FFFFound!]    

Introducing Revealed: a new blog on scientific and medical illustration

I’m proud to introduce a new blog that recently joined our tiny medical illustration blog community. It’s called Revealed: a blog about scientific and medical illustration and all that’s involved. The author is Janet Chao, a first year graduate student in UIC’s Biomedical Visualization program. Janet’s inspiration to start a… Read More »Introducing Revealed: a new blog on scientific and medical illustration

What a Heart

Illustrating a heart seems to be the right of passage for all aspiring medical illustrators in graduate school. It’s a wonderful exercise in rendering form and achieving a sense of volume using light and shadow. It’s also good practice for rendering those pesky globules of fat. Jessica Wheat, a second… Read More »What a Heart