Medical Illustration

The Creation of a Medical Illustration by Jared Travnicek

Jared Travnicek Posterior Inferior Cerebellar artery aneurysm

Indianapolis-based Medical illustrator, Jared Travnicek takes us through each step of his process for creating a medical illustration. This medical illustration shows the clipping of a posterior inferior cerebellar artery aneurysm. Note that he mentions “after revisions” a couple of times throughout the video. Medical illustration is all about research and checking… Read More »The Creation of a Medical Illustration by Jared Travnicek

Surgical Wall Repair

Klein Schneider Floyd-Bradstock Wall Repair

I’ve always had a vision of surgical illustration as street art. Slicing open a wall and retracting the brick back to reveal anatomy underneath would be so striking (or horrifying) to someone walking down the street. This surgical wall project by medical illustrators Joshua Klein, Roy Schneider, and Tonya Floyd-Bradstock comes close… Read More »Surgical Wall Repair

Anatomy Noir by CG TOKI

CG TOKI Anatomy Noir featured by Street Anatomy

We’ve featured the stunning work of Joon Lee (aka CG TOKI) before and are excited to show his latest piece titled “Anatomy Noir.” The work is entirely CGI and shows the posterior view of the pharynx in dramatic light. I really love the style and artistry Joon Lee infuses into… Read More »Anatomy Noir by CG TOKI

Drugs for Love by Giselle Vitali

Drugs for Love by Giselle Vitali (2)

Medical artist and friend of Street Anatomy Giselle Vitali, brings us a new anatomical series titled Drugs for Love. Giselle created these illustrations for an article titled Ciencia Para el Romance  (The Science of Romance) in the Mexican magazine QUO. It’s inspired by the idea that historically love potions, spells and amulets… Read More »Drugs for Love by Giselle Vitali

Arthur Lidov’s Medical Landscapes

Arthur Lidov Human Body Part 2 LIFE Magazine 1962 (1)

LIFE magazine • December 7, 1962 – The Human Body: Part II (The Phenomenal Digestive Journey of a Sandwich) Arthur Lidov, painter and commercial artist, created these breathtaking editorial medical illustrations. They are a true expressions of anatomy and art. From the vascular man swimming underwater amongst coral to the mountainous landscape… Read More »Arthur Lidov’s Medical Landscapes

Kathleen Sawyer’s Book Autopsy

Kathleen Sawyer Book Autopsy (1)

Grahamstown, South Africa based printmaker and draftsman Kathleen Sawyer has a keen love of things that involve anatomy, mutation and/or horrible disease often rendering them with only a ballpoint pen. She’s created several small anatomical and scientifically themed books with titles such as “The little book of horrible death” and… Read More »Kathleen Sawyer’s Book Autopsy