Interior Design

Tante Wera Armchairs

Finally, graphic design, meets anatomy, meets stylish interior design with these chairs created by AK-LH, a Paris-based design company that specializes in “dressing the inanimate objects of our daily lives to liven them up.”  These anatomically upholstered chairs are part of AK-LH’s “Tante Wera” series of 50s style Swedish armchairs. … Read More »Tante Wera Armchairs

Baby Head Bowl

“It’s an upside down baby head bowl! (This can be used as a large cup or a small bowl.) This handmade bowl is low fire white clay with a food safe glaze, which means the bowl is made to be used. The outside has a clear glaze over white clay. The inside… Read More »Baby Head Bowl

Electric Heart Lamp

“The Mini Heart Electra Lamp is based on a realistic mold of the human heart. Unlit, the glass of the Heart Lamp is a beautiful blue, but turn it on and it gets pumpin’ in electric red… BONUS Feature: Touch any part of the lamp and the electric currents will… Read More »Electric Heart Lamp

Urinary Wallpaper

This has to be the most unique wallpaper I’ve seen yet, and what I love about it is that it has that crazy 70’s wallpaper pattern feel to it. Shannon says, “This wallpaper depicts exuberantly healthy human urinary tracts. It was inspired by a friend’s suggestion: “You should really make… Read More »Urinary Wallpaper

Lisa Jones: Symbiosis Chair Series

Inspired by da Vinci’s anatomical drawing, sculptor Lisa Jones carves life into the inorganic through her Symbiosis Chair series featuring 5 chairs representing the systems of the body. These chairs are intricate and delicate not unlike our own anatomy.    

Not your Average Bookshelf

British artist, James Hopkins, molds, cuts, and places mundane objects together to create illusion in his artwork.  The skull image on the top right, entitled “Afterparty” (2007), was assembled using objects and items associated with the pleasures and excesses of adolescence. (Although some of those items are used and consumed… Read More »Not your Average Bookshelf

Addams Family Interior Design

Introducing Rock and Skull wallpaper by Meg Matthews, an endless wall of skulls for your morbid interior needs. Comes in a variety of colors (pink, blue, yellow, black, and gray) for a hefty £75.00 a square meter. Interesting note: Meg Matthews was formerly married to rock star Noel Gallagher from… Read More »Addams Family Interior Design

Bright Minds Make Good Lamps

Alexander Lervick Brain Lamp

Anatomy meets interior design with this lamp designed by Alexander Lervick. A replica of the designer’s brain, originated from an MR scan at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. The image was processed through a 3D-printer, and became this unusual lamp shade design. Yes, it is bright. MYBrain is represented at the… Read More »Bright Minds Make Good Lamps