Interior Design

PaperBoy Interiors

London company PaperBoy Interiors Ltd is launching their new wallpaper designs with this being one of them, calling it Animal Magic.  It’s specifically designed for boys but I think girls would find it fun too…at least the cool ones that is! [via ifitshipitshere]    

Rest your Brain

Carly Keith used inspiration from a cat-scan to create a hand-carved stamp, which she then made into a pillow.  This would be awesome as wall paper too!

Bone Evolution

Here’s a very unique bone-inspired bench by artist Dimi Loginoff.  It’s quite interesting how Loginoff evolved and simplified the bone-shaped lounge from an original bone form.  Love the colors too… Check out some other beautiful work here! [via Behance]    

Home is Where the Heart is

Now here’s a cool birdhouse! Josh Coulas created this for a fundraiser called For the Birds, for the The Toronto Botanical Garden. The goal was to create a birdhouse that promoted nesting and shelter for migrating birds.  Nice work! [via MoCo Loco and also spotted by Carrie]    

I Seeeee You

Now here’s a way to freak visitors out… Inspired by Van Gogh and the one-eyed Russian general, Kutuzov, designer Victor Konovalov created these unique intercoms that are definitely eye-catching.  The eyeball has a functioning camera and can turn red or green depending on how wild the owner feels that day! … Read More »I Seeeee You

On All 4’s

Someone forgot to tell Amber to go home… This is one of those pieces of art that elicits a shocking response once you figure out what’s going on, but you can’t help but also think “HOW PERFECT!” This sculpture entitled Skeleton Table, by Paul Insect, features the skeleton of a… Read More »On All 4’s

Kisses! The Sexy Urinal

The urinal was first patented in the U.S in 1866 and not much has changed in styling since then.  That is, until Dutch designer Meike van Schijndel, founder of Bathroom Mania!, decided to sexify the urinal.  Meike’s design company is focused on reviving the bathroom experience, which I wasn’t aware… Read More »Kisses! The Sexy Urinal

A Very Fragile Heart

This anatomical heart vase isn’t cheap, but I’d like to say it’s almost worth it. It is made from hand blown glass, looks amazing, and part of the proceeds go to the American Heart Foundation. If you buy one…would you mind picking up two? My birthday is in a few… Read More »A Very Fragile Heart

Heart Lamp

Here is a lovely Heart lamp designed by Lígia Carteiro.  The concept behind this lamp comes from a Portuguese saying “cold hands, warm heart”, which means those who have cold hands have a warm heart because they’re in love.  How sweeeeeeeet. Made from white porcelain to offer a pleasurable touch… Read More »Heart Lamp

Pedro Friedeberg Hand & Foot Chair

Beautiful Hand and Foot chair designed by Pedro Friedeberg in the 1960’s.  He calls himself an idealist as well as an inventor of several styles of architecture, a new religion, and two salads. Quite humorous. His other sculptures can be seen at [via boingboing]    

Spine Lamps

Here are three different lamp styles, all inspired by the anatomy of the human spine. There is no limit for creativity! ‘Vertebrae Lamp‘ by Gerhard Swart and Anthony Harris “Finally, lighting with a spine. This fascinating fragmented tower of stacked ceramic ribs was created by South African artisans Gerhard Swart… Read More »Spine Lamps