Interior Design

Backbone Bookshelves

Pietro Travaglini backbone bookcase detail

Pietro Travaglini designed this bookshelf to bend and shift as seamlessly as your own backbone. The shelves are accented by white LED lights which I’m sure gives it a ghostly glow at night. [spotted by Jenny via Furnifurnish]

Bone Evolution

Here’s a very unique bone-inspired bench by artist Dimi Loginoff.  It’s quite interesting how Loginoff evolved and simplified the bone-shaped lounge from an original bone form.  Love the colors too… Check out some other beautiful work here! [via Behance]  … Read More »Bone Evolution

Spine Lamps

Here are three different lamp styles, all inspired by the anatomy of the human spine. There is no limit for creativity! ‘Vertebrae Lamp‘ by Gerhard Swart and Anthony Harris “Finally, lighting with a spine. This fascinating fragmented tower of stacked… Read More »Spine Lamps

Creepy Chic

Subtle awesome skull wall paper by Barbara Hulanicki at Graham & Brown.  The pattern might be overlooked until you get close enough to see the dozens of skulls staring at you!  A double roll costs $125 and can be bought… Read More »Creepy Chic

I Seeeee You

Now here’s a way to freak visitors out… Inspired by Van Gogh and the one-eyed Russian general, Kutuzov, designer Victor Konovalov created these unique intercoms that are definitely eye-catching.  The eyeball has a functioning camera and can turn red or… Read More »I Seeeee You