Interior Design

Clone Chaise

Sam Buxton Clone Chaise

Clone Chaise, 2005 Electroluminescent display, sequencing electronics, acrylic, steel 600 x 750 x 1850 mm This anatomical luminous lounger, of which only 6 were made, was created by British designer Sam Buxton. The lounger can actually detect someone’s presence, lighting… Read More »Clone Chaise

Souviens Toi Que Tu Vas Mourir

Souvien Toi Que Tu Vas Mourir Benjamin Le Du Pool

The common monobloc plastic chair gets reinterpreted memento mori style in this piece titled Souviens Toi Que Tu Vas Mourir (Remember that you are going to die) by Benjamin Le Du of Pool.   [spotted by Angela]  

Tania da Cruz

Tania Cruz head vases

Delicately crafted works by Italian-based beauty Tania da Cruz, showcase what Cool Hunting peeps so aptly describe as “a poetic mix of function and decoration.” Her ceramic head vases take flower arranging to a whole new level and her Cuore Sacro… Read More »Tania da Cruz