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Hand Screen Printed Cardiac Wallpaper – Intertwined Elegance

Anatomy Boutique Cardiac Wallpaper available at the Street Anatomy Store (4)

From the creator of the popular Day of the Dead Sugar Skull wallpaper comes the Cardiac Wallpaper, a sumptuous design depicting intertwining anatomical human hearts.  The deep red background coupled with the luxurious rich gold pattern makes this beautiful wallpaper an opulent addition to any space. Each roll is screen printed… Read More »Hand Screen Printed Cardiac Wallpaper – Intertwined Elegance

Justin Parker for Esque

Esque studio heart vase Justin Parker

Portland-based glass studio, Esque Studio, run by Justin Parker and Andi Kovel, creates “modern, functional, concept-based glassware aimed at the design industry and away from the pedestal.  These guys have become huge, leading the trend in designer glassware and even rising to one of Time Magazine’s most influential international design… Read More »Justin Parker for Esque

Clone Chaise

Sam Buxton Clone Chaise

Clone Chaise, 2005 Electroluminescent display, sequencing electronics, acrylic, steel 600 x 750 x 1850 mm This anatomical luminous lounger, of which only 6 were made, was created by British designer Sam Buxton. The lounger can actually detect someone’s presence, lighting up when someone is near. As the individual interacts with… Read More »Clone Chaise

Flower Pump

Flower Pump vase by Veneri Design

Beautifully rendered heart vase by Veneri Design. Flower Pump is inspired by the muscle of love, …every artery leads straight to the heart… The Flower Pump comes in a variety of glosses and is available for purchase at Shapeways.   [Spotted by April via Design Milk]  

Souviens Toi Que Tu Vas Mourir

Souvien Toi Que Tu Vas Mourir Benjamin Le Du Pool

The common monobloc plastic chair gets reinterpreted memento mori style in this piece titled Souviens Toi Que Tu Vas Mourir (Remember that you are going to die) by Benjamin Le Du of Pool.   [spotted by Angela]  

Tania da Cruz

Tania Cruz head vases

Delicately crafted works by Italian-based beauty Tania da Cruz, showcase what Cool Hunting peeps so aptly describe as “a poetic mix of function and decoration.” Her ceramic head vases take flower arranging to a whole new level and her Cuore Sacro lamp casts a heart-warming glow when lit.   [via cool… Read More »Tania da Cruz