Edible Entrails

Helga Petrau-Heinzel created these delicious human entrails entirely out of marzipan. Check out the entire collection on her site,

Anatomy for the Home

To celebrate the grand anniversary of this beautiful site I’ve put together some house warming gifts for that anatomist in your life. Typically year four means gifts of fruit, flowers, or appliances but for this occasion I think we’ll go for something with a bit more personality—because home is where the heart is,… Read More »Anatomy for the Home

Blood Slide Candy

Do you like Dexter? Do you like candy? If you answered yes to either, then you may love Andrea Newberry’s blood slide candy. Based on Dexter’s habit of keeping a drop of blood from each of his victims, Newberry came up with the idea for her treats. And hey, even… Read More »Blood Slide Candy

Skull Cake

Thanks to Dlisted for linking to this awesome skull cake. theCHIVE (go to their site for more pictures) just put up pictures, so I don’t know who made it. Either way it looks delicious. I would want mine with a nice gelatinous filling.

Chocolate Artistry

Paul Wayne Gregory must have major self control when working so closely with chocolate all day.  These are just some of his amazing sculptures from his chocolate gallery. The bust is amazing!

The Cure for Chest Pain

Anatomical heart cookie by Kate deRosset

What do you do with a friend who’s having chest pain, whether physically or emotionally? Why bake them a giant anatomical heart cookie of course!  That’s exactly what Kate deRosset did for a friend with chest pain as “comfort food” and it’s such a thoughtful idea. Sweet heart! [submitted by… Read More »The Cure for Chest Pain

Chocolate Parts

These are too beautiful to eat that’s for sure!  Stephen J Shanabrook is a very conceptual artist with a wide range of work that can be read more about here.  His collection above, called Morgue Chocolates, consists of different casts of  body parts that all look so real it’s scary.… Read More »Chocolate Parts

Let them eat cake! SKULL CAKE!

You heard right, skull cake, how rad is that? At least now I know what kind of cake I’m getting for my 25th birthday, can’t wait (for the cake, not to turn 25). For more info about these rad cakes check them out and MORE here!

Egg’s Eye

See the whole process of making, step by step, here. A very realistic eye designed by Adnrey, see more of his amazing and incredible work here. [via TheDesignInspiration]    

Bone Shakers

These salt and pepper shakers are nothing short of way cool, brings me back to my caveman days, sigh. I am especially pleased that the designer, Chris Stiles, didn’t just make them out of plastic, that would have read to me as a halloween knick knack. These unglazed refined white clay bone… Read More »Bone Shakers

Organ Cakes

Definitely not the most appetizing cakes out there, but you can’t argue about the craftsmanship going on here.  Looks like the heart has some apical infarction action going on, yeah that’s right, busting out the anatomical terms, this blog can’t always be about pretty pictures. [spotted by David via Cake… Read More »Organ Cakes