Choclatomy by Asma Javeri 

asma javeri choclatomy faith

Just when I thought I’ve seen every type of mashup of anatomy with something, I stumble upon Choclatomy. That’s right, anatomical illustrations paired with delicious morsels of chocolate! Created by Pakistan based artist Asma Javeri at a time when she was torn between studying medicine or art (maybe she didn’t hear about medical… Read More »Choclatomy by Asma Javeri 

Gross Anatomy Sushi

Inspired by the intense hunger caused during dissection in the anatomy lab, medical student Sean Mutchnick drew these cross-sections of a forearm represented as pieces of sushi. I have to say the idea is wonderful and I can definitely relate to the feeling. I remember feeling strange for visualizing what type… Read More »Gross Anatomy Sushi

Anatomical Macarons

  Miss Insomnia Tulip created these anatomical macarons for Eat Your Heart Out, and aside from looking pretty damn delicious, they are informative! The detail on them is really great and it’s making me hope she takes it further and creates anatomical macarons of animals, monsters, aliens, and any other non-humans. Additionally,… Read More »Anatomical Macarons

Nutty Chocolate Skulls

Sparganum chocolate skulls with walnut or candy brains

5 x 3.5 x 3cm (2″ x 1.38″ x 1.18″) These chocolate skulls with walnut/candy brains are genius and so well executed for such a small piece of chocolate!  They are hand-crafted by twin sisters from Spain, Ruth and Sira García Trigueros who also happen to run their own little… Read More »Nutty Chocolate Skulls

Sensitive Kitchenware

Christine Chin Sentient Kitchen sugar

Anatomical kitchen accessories are nothing new at Street Anatomy, and I truly believed I had seen it all. But Christine Chin seems to have taken it one step further with her Sentient Kitchen Series. Taking tips from nature’s most ingenious engineering, Christine examines biology and technology, creating the most perceptive… Read More »Sensitive Kitchenware

Sweet Heart

This V day. Eat her heart out. Anatomical heart cupcakes made by the Black Cherry Bakery for the London Dungeon. [via CakeHead Loves Evil]