Hip Pockets

I have a huge appreciation for designers and artists who pay attention to the small details in their work. North Carolina based, Raleigh Denim is a small jean shop that makes all their jeans under one roof with local material… Read More »Hip Pockets


Skull dress via Planet of the Apes

I love this picture of a woman in a skull dress casually walking down the street, especially set against that giant billboard in the background.  So random.  So great. [spotted by Peter via Planet of the Apes]

Anatomic Fashion Friday: Runway Skulls

Oh. My. Goodness. This is so rad, I have no clue where it’s from, but if anyone does, please share! We would love to see more from this collection and know the designer!!!! [via ffffound]

Anatomical Couture

Katie Eary, a 25-year old British designer, created this anatomically themed piece for her Spring 2010 collection.  Love the leggings and want the glasses for early morning meetings. [via My Duty was Always to Beauty and the Animal Talk]