For the Wardrobe

Every good street anatomist has their fair share of science related fashion. I myself have a nice collection of Threadless tees, but now I’m thinking it’s time to upgrade to some even cooler duds. This may be a sweater for boys, but how many people are hoping this Fair Isle… Read More »For the Wardrobe

XXX Footwear

Sexyyyy pumps by designer Kobi Levi.  The above collections are leather and from top to bottom called XXX and Blow.  The pumps right above have a little nozzle that you can blow in (who knows why).  All of his creations are hand made and extremely creative.

Wabbit Tote Bag

Sport this Wabbit Tote Bag from Zoologie and look really cool!  Buy it here for 65 bucks.

Anatomic Fashion Friday: Crochet Skull Skirt

Crochet Skull Skirt by Nasty Girl

This wonderfully edgy, yet delicate skirt by Nasty Gal, is adorned with tiny interconnected crocheted skulls.  I love the subtlety of the design.  The skirt is sold out at the Nasty Gal shop, but perhaps, if you ask nicely enough, they’ll bring it back! [spotted by Peter]

Hip Pockets

I have a huge appreciation for designers and artists who pay attention to the small details in their work. North Carolina based, Raleigh Denim is a small jean shop that makes all their jeans under one roof with local material and resources only.  They even use vintage machines. RD had… Read More »Hip Pockets

Gisele Ganne: Mourning Jewelry

London-based jewelry designer, Gisele Ganne, creates mourning jewelry combining elements of old Victorian era customs with a contemporary Haute Couture twist.  But, according to Gisele, mourning isn’t just about death, “…it is also about dead relationships and decaying marriages.  Today, 42% of marriages finish by divorce in UK and 38%… Read More »Gisele Ganne: Mourning Jewelry