Human vs. Machine

This is a very nice graphic from “Good Magazine” that compares the use of energy between the average human and the average car. Good Magazine approached us to create a series of information graphics centered around five topics: the hidden cost of war; the amount of energy burned by the… Read More »Human vs. Machine

Anatomy of the Ear…

… embroidered! Beautiful and quite detailed work by craftster user ‘weird_lover_wilde‘. It was a gift for her doctor. All I can say is that she did an excellent work, and it’s also anatomically correct! “I love my doctor.  He is the kindest man in the world, and he’s been looking… Read More »Anatomy of the Ear…

Hand Gesture Candles

Atelier WM Hand Gesture Candle blue

Hand Gesture Candles by the french group ATELIER WM. Available at Colette, Black Block of the Palais de Tokyo and Artydandy. Very realistic! L’atelier WM is a a group of young artists founded in Paris in 2008. They have a line of colorful candles, both in looks and attitude. Hands… Read More »Hand Gesture Candles

Pandor Absinthe

The Pandor Absinthe will make you discover the wild and soft sensations emanating from this once, forgotten plant. Its alcohol level and its flavor will allow you to taste it at a fresh temperature but also in cocktails as well as mixed with soft drinks or on the rocks mixed… Read More »Pandor Absinthe


“Bio-Cycle” (February 2008) is a metal sculpture by Jud Turner. It was created for “Different Spokes” invitational sculpture show in Salem, OR 5-2008, using welded steel, found objects and mixed media. He really combined the form of the bicycle with the anatomy of the cyclist, making them one single aerodynamic… Read More »Bio-Cycle

Andrew Bird/Loney Dear Poster

Very cool silkscreen poster by art director, Brandon Knowlden. 3-color, 18″ x 24″ and only 100 prints made!  Each is signed and individually numbered and only $25, so buy it while you can! [Found via gigposters]    


“No War!” That’s the message of flickr user MauDesign. I like how he used both flags to make two faces that together forms a heart—it’s very symbolic! [via flickr and DesignYouTrust]    

Watermelon Brain

It’s always marvelous to see what can be created with a bit o’ produce and a knife. Make your own watermelon brain, it’s very easy and funny! Follow this link and do it in only 4 steps. I like the red inside the cortical folds, it makes the brain even… Read More »Watermelon Brain

The Little Robots

How cool are these little toys?!  Mathias Koehler and Alessandro Bêda collaborated to create these fun robot toys containing floating organs.  If only these really existed I would have to buy them all! A fabulous concept rendered beautifully. [Found via Behance]    

Music from the Heart

  Here is an awesome example of blending music with anatomy. South African based artist, Maximillian Goldin created this beautifully designed CD cover and booklet combining anatomy with musical instruments. The album is called Jazz Anatomy: The music that makes us. [Found via behance]