Cut me up please

In 2009, more than 12 million people wanted something enhanced, taken out, smoothed, or tucked.  Here’s an awesome Good and Hyperakt infographic that shows the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery to the human body. Yay for clay!


Pianofuzz is a design firm located in Brazil with the intention of “realizing concepts and expanding possibilities, regardless of its surface, printed or virtual.” While most of their work is not anatomically based or inspired, they do have this awesome typographic set made up of various things including human parts.… Read More »Pianofuzz

Black Market

I really enjoy this anatomical design and type treatment by Jorge Arteaga. I love the way the intestines are threaded throughout the pages to hold the content.  Great design but scary topic. [via Behance]


Whoa now, these images are AWESOME! They were created by the design studio FARROW for the CD art of The Maniac Street Preachers album, Lifeblood, photography by John Ross. The images are totally stunning and, as mentioned on the Farrow site, were created by pouring buckets of fake blood all… Read More »Lifeblood

Typefaces by Ross Elliott

These great type skulls were the work of designer Ross Elliott and “made entirely from unaltered characters of Fette Fraktur”. I imagine they took a while to produce, the symmetry alone would drive me crazy (although I secretly love making things perfect with alignment in illustrator, ha). Major props for… Read More »Typefaces by Ross Elliott

This Is Spinal Tape

That’s right, exactly what it sounds like. Too bad I’ve never seen This Is Spinal Tap (it’s on the Netflix list, no worries), but I can appreciate the reference. Be sure to grab your roll of spinal tape today! [thanks Mike for the link!]

An Infographic on Breasts

With so much information today, the challenges of designing something that’s user friendly, easy to understand, and engaging are very tricky.  Good Blog seems to know the secret to this. They are masters at organizing, designing, and gathering data in a modern, clean way that inspires me all the time.… Read More »An Infographic on Breasts

I’ll Be Gone


I’ll be gone from KORB on Vimeo. I’ve watched this mesmerizing video about ten times now and even bought the beautiful song.  It’s such simple, yet beautiful way to represent the music and you must watch to the second half when the red lines begin to lift off the page—beautiful… Read More »I’ll Be Gone

Ryan Abegglen Art

For 60 bux you can own these wildly unique cards by designer Ryan Abegglen.  I love the authentic design overall on these charming little thangs and appreciate Ryan’s imagination! This super-duper heavy-duty card is aged and distressed by hand to achieve that authentic “old-timey” look all the kids are talking… Read More »Ryan Abegglen Art


Awesome design with Arabic lettering reading “Human”, a short explanation by artist Islam Zayed: An experiment with the Arabic letter forms, wanted to make something with lots of contrast between the strokes. The word reads “human” and the spelling is not entirely correct, the “hamza” (a diacritic added underneath the… Read More »Human

Aksel Varichon

These wonderful anatomical household items were the genius of french designer Askel Varichon. More from this great series can be seen on his website. He has a whole collection of table linens and pillows, for sure worth a look! [via Dan]    

Bone Shakers

These salt and pepper shakers are nothing short of way cool, brings me back to my caveman days, sigh. I am especially pleased that the designer, Chris Stiles, didn’t just make them out of plastic, that would have read to me as a halloween knick knack. These unglazed refined white clay bone… Read More »Bone Shakers