Awesome design with Arabic lettering reading “Human”, a short explanation by artist Islam Zayed: An experiment with the Arabic letter forms, wanted to make something with lots of contrast between the strokes. The word reads “human” and the spelling is… Read More »Human

Aksel Varichon

These wonderful anatomical household items were the genius of french designer Askel Varichon. More from this great series can be seen on his website. He has a whole collection of table linens and pillows, for sure worth a look! [via Dan]    


Love, love, love this simple anatomical design by Indonesia-based designer Dini Umar.  The colors in the heart are just great and the random flies in the piece make this a strangely curious design. [via Behance]    


unlearn is a global movement. An approach to life. A way to live. It enables human connection and understanding that improves the quality of life for yourself and those around you. Up for Interpretation: Unlearn: A process of removing barriers… Read More »Unlearn.

Tee Bone

Here is a cute little logo by AM as found on Brandstack, and guess what! its up for grabs! If this is the logo you’ve always wanted, head on over to AM’s profile to snag it and see other variations… Read More »Tee Bone

Nike Rare Done

Oh hell yea!  These are the coolest Nike Air Force 1 designs ever!  BlackYard created these for ArtClash 09,, which is a live art battle where artists from around Europe compete against eachother, painting and drawing on various objects. Judges… Read More »Nike Rare Done

Smoking kills

Here’s some attention-getting cigarette packaging designs by DJ Stout for an exercise in the St. Petersburg Times, in response to new marketing regulations.  No longer will colorful marketing tactics and displays be the approach for the tobacco industry, but instead… Read More »Smoking kills

Black & White

Sean Chow Martin The Creators

Amazing work by Chow Martin, from his new tank series. It’s incredible and also so extravagant the amount of details, specially the muscles fibers. Definitely, excellent drawings! [via DesignYouTrust]    

Neighborhoods of the Heart

From the creator of the popular city neighborhood maps comes the Heart, which labels the anatomy in all its typographic glory.  Definitely gives a refreshing take on the anatomical chart. Only $18 over at!    

The Super Colon

An inflatable, 20-foot long, 8-foot high replica of a human colon, is an interactive educational tool that is teaching people all across America that colorectal cancer is preventable, treatable and beatable! Inside the Super Colon. By walking through the free… Read More »The Super Colon

I <3 NY

I have no clue who made this, but they are a genius. Gives a whole new meaning to the ‘I heart NY’ shirts. Please let there be a female version out there—any guesses as to where that might be? Someplace in VA… Read More »I <3 NY