Nicholas Potash

Nicholas Potash is a Venice Beach, CA based jeweler who hand makes beautiful jewelry out of his home. He makes rings, necklaces, and lighters. While all of his pieces are not anatomy based, they are all gorgeous and unique. My personal favorite has to be the skull with turquoise “brains.”… Read More »Nicholas Potash

The Insight Light

Belarusian designers Maria and Igor Solovyov of Solovyov Design have created this brain shaped energy efficient light bulb, “Insight.” It is a fun and smart play on the imagery of having a “bright idea.” You can see more of their work including furniture, packaging, and other lighting projects on their… Read More »The Insight Light

Teddy Bear bloodbag

UK design team Dunne and Raby (Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby) designed this “Teddy Bear bloodbag”. The idea behind it is to serve as a comfort for children in the hospital. Why do kids get the coolest things? I want a horse shaped bloodbag … not that I really want… Read More »Teddy Bear bloodbag

For the Tech Nerd

I’ve found there are a few great pieces out there that will add that other touch of anatomy in our daily lives. Studio9, in partnership with Blik Graphics, has created a line of iPhone skins and cases, laptop skins, as well as wall art. These three in particular will show… Read More »For the Tech Nerd


Fantastic labels for a more “manly” tea, created by designer Amanda Kulik. Why the need for a manly tea?— “Forget the sweet smelling stuff that comes in the pretty little jars with the pretty little bows and a flower on the front- Texas-T is for men. Finally there’s a hot… Read More »Texas-T

Mike McQuade

Luminous illustrations by Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Art Director, Mike McQuade.   His online portfolio is beautifully and uniquely designed, definitely worth exploring!

Brush Those Teeth!

Good Magazine and Robert A. Di Ieso, Jr created this infographic on the importance of brushing your chompers.  It’s not just good for your teeth, but vital to your whole body’s health. This reminds me, I need to go floss!

Scratch My Back

Here’s some beautiful design work by Mark Bessant for Peter Gabriel’s new album, Scratch My Back.  The CD box set is limited with only 500 copies world-wide, and can be purchased at Peter Gabriel’s site. You can see more details of the box set components here… Oh and this album… Read More »Scratch My Back

Medical Postage Stamps

Above is a stamp project where design students had to create a series of 3 stamps for the New Zealand Post, that portrayed New Zealand Innovations. Carly Hitchcock created these medical stamps that focused on New Zealand’s medical innovations and used a Modernist Swiss style as her aesthetic inspiration.  Cool… Read More »Medical Postage Stamps

Smart Car

This Innerspace inspired illustration was created by Elliott Quince for the Smart car “Out Smart” book project.  This is a project where top illustrators get to create their take on this amazing little car that I really want to have, the Smart car.  The final website launch will be up… Read More »Smart Car