Mike McQuade

Luminous illustrations by Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Art Director, Mike McQuade.   His online portfolio is beautifully and uniquely designed, definitely worth exploring!


Pianofuzz is a design firm located in Brazil with the intention of “realizing concepts and expanding possibilities, regardless of its surface, printed or virtual.” While most of their work is not anatomically based or inspired, they do have this awesome… Read More »Pianofuzz


Whoa now, these images are AWESOME! They were created by the design studio FARROW for the CD art of The Maniac Street Preachers album, Lifeblood, photography by John Ross. The images are totally stunning and, as mentioned on the Farrow… Read More »Lifeblood

Sona el Poal

Some crazy mix of anatomy and type going on here!  I love the subtle touches of pink in there too. This was done by a really cool design house in Spain called Medusateam.  Their works tends to be very colorful… Read More »Sona el Poal

Design and Artsy Shit

LAB – Anatomi Series Emil Kozak has some serious talent.  His “design and artsy shit” as he would say is simple, colorful, and pretty awesome all together.  Beautiful type designer too… [via abduzeedo]    

Salomon Snowboard Art

Gorgeous artwork for the Salomon Artwork Contest 08′ by Salvatore Guinta.  I like how the anatomical elements run into eachother to create this abstraction.  Nice color palette too…    

Nordic Roots

This poster is beautiful. I love things that have good texture (especially if they look like old paper) and this one in particular is very simple and effective. I’m also a sucker for hearts. However, I can’t for the life… Read More »Nordic Roots

Pandor Absinthe

The Pandor Absinthe will make you discover the wild and soft sensations emanating from this once, forgotten plant. Its alcohol level and its flavor will allow you to taste it at a fresh temperature but also in cocktails as well… Read More »Pandor Absinthe